Having moved from a dedicated music room to an apartment with no symmetrical spaces, I’m trying to design a listening room that doubles as a living room.

Room Details

Dimensions: 25’ × 12’  Medium
Ceiling: 8’

Components Toggle details

    • HP Laptop (music server) with JRiver and JRemote software HP Pavilion
     running JRiver and JRemote music mgmt software and ASIO Windows drivers for the DAC
    • AudioQuest UltraJitterBug
    USB noise suppressor
    • AudioQuest Diamond USB A-B digital cable from laptop to DAC
    • exaSound DAC with Teddy Pardo power supply e32 MKII DAC
    Wonderful DAC that supports all DSD hi-res formats and hi-res PCM and MQO formats
    Great headphone amp and preamp too!
    • Sony CDP-CA7ES 5 disk CD player (old but reliable)
    • PrimaLuna DiaLogue Premium preamp
    • Valve Amplification Company (VAC) Renaissance 30/30
    300B SET amp with two 300B tubes/channel producing 32watts/ch. Drives my 87dB efficient speakers with surprising ease!
    • Elac Adante AF-61
    wonderful tall floor standing speakers designed by Andrew Jones
    • Rythmik F15 subs
    two (2) F15 servo controlled subs cut over around 50Hz serving the bottom octave and a bit ...
    • Isotek EVO3 Aquarius line conditioner
    • Isotek EVO3 Syncro
    DC cancelling power cord feeding into the IsoTek Aquarius line conditioner
    • Isotek EVO3 Elite
    Power cord used for tube preamp into the IsoTek Aquarius line conditioner.
    • Audio Sensibility Statement
    Speakers cables
    • Cardas Audio Cardas Clear Power cord
    • Audience AudienceChord Power cord
    • FosPower TOSLINK FIBER OPTICAL cable (6ft)
    Allows digital output from Sony CDP into exaSound DAC
    • Tech Craft 5 shelve unit
    • Salamander Designs Synergy amp stands - 2 of them (for preamp and amp)
    • RPG Skyline Diffusers
    Both highpass 7" and lowpass 4" versions scattered around the room
    • GIK Acoustics QRD diffusers
    placed around the room to help prevent too much absorption
    • GIK Acoustics Tritraps and Monster bass traps
    • DIY acoustic treatments Skyline Diffuser
    501 blocks of wood ranging from 0 - 10.5” in 1.5” increments and effectively diffuses down to 645Hz and likely another half to one octave lower.  Prime number used was 547
    • DIY acoustic treatment Hemi-Cylindrical Diffuser
    Hemi-cylindrical diffuser and bass trap for centre of front wall. Total thickness of 30” means it absorbs down to about 65Hz while the curved hard surface diffuses mids and high frequencies.
    • Dayton Audio OmniMic Precision Measurement System
    Used to optimize each subwoofer’s location and for blending the sub’s volume in with the main speakers.
    • Teo Audio Game Changer (GC) II interconnects
    Liquid metal interconnects between DAC->preamp and preamp->amp

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Hi Tablejockey - thanks for your post and compliment. My second Rythmik F15 sub is on the right side wall near my sitting position.  The corners are taken up with bass trapping so alternative placements had to be found using a Dayton OmniMic and  test tones to "shoot the room" for best placement. 

For what it's worth, if you do decide to get the Adante FS-61 speakers, I'd recommend a Parasound amp as their high current does a great job of controlling the speaker drivers (I guess any high current amp would).  ...Cheers


Impressive setup you have there.

I've had the AF61's on my radar since hearing them at a show.

You list Rhythmic F15 sub(s)..where is the other located? Do you find placing the sub near the speaker more effective than corner placement?


I welcome your comments/thoughts/knowledge ...


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