Because this is a 5 channel system, I use a GM70 SET to drive a Magnepan MMG-C center channel speaker. The GM70 is transformer driven by a 45 which is driven by a 6SL7 choke loaded between triode elements mu-follower. The surround channels are 45 SET amplifiers driving point source open baffle cone speakers with quasi-ribbon tweeters from GR Research.
The sources are an ebay MC phono amp with two pentodes for a Benz cartridge on a Morsch tone arm and a Euro turntable, an OPPO NuForce universal disc player, an MSB Platinum DAC with computer adapter for youtube operas and concerts, an early Magnum Dynalab FM tuner and a Vizeo 4K video monitor.
For the Manufactured by Dr. Vincelette picture I understand many people claim a PhD in the manner people commit stolen valor. To protect people from this kind of abuse I will submit a copy of my transcript upon request, if Delaware State University requires a signature for anyone wanting to check my 2009 graduation, please contact me to sign, and I will supply the names of faculty still at Delaware State who were on my dissertation defense committee along with the grader of my qualifier exams.

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    • Magnepan 0.7 speakers for stereo channels
    The Magnepan 0.7, the largest speakers which fin in y modest size 26 foot diameter house are driven by 833A radio station transmitting triodes with 1KV anode voltage through Hammond 1642SE output transformers. The grids of the 833A's are driven by 8:1 step-down transformers which parallel-feed 45 SET drivers. The secondary windings of the transformers connect between the 833A grids and ground. This causes the 833A's to draw about 115 ma and this is more than enough power for the insensitive 0.7 speakers. The bass is supported by a pair of Klipsch 10 subwoofers driven by the preamp.
    • #27 triode preamplifier Manufactured by Dr. Vincelette
    The preamplifier is a resistor capacitor output single-ended triode design which sounds better in this configuration than it did using a transformer output. Also, I had a volume control made of a selector switch with pairs of high end Vishay resistor pairs which I replaced with a simple plastic volume control with a wiper and the latter volume control - contrary to expectations - sounds far clearer than the higher end resistor pair selector.
    • Shematic of 833-A amplifier Schematic of my 833-A Amplifier
    • !0 Volte 10 Amps DC My 10 Volt 10 Amp DC to heat the 833-A Cathodes
    • My 1000 Volt Power Supply 1000 Volts (Fast Reacting Diodes are as good of not better - and safer - then Mercury Vapor Rectifiers)

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I got to the image with the 1500 Volts sticker and just stopped right there, puzzled. Step up transformer?
Looks like you're having glorious fun, enjoy the music!


very cool...

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From now on, whenever someone asks what an audiophile is, I will direct them to this page.


Wow crazy looking and super cool! I bet it sounds amazing! And you live on a spaceship very cool! Bravo Doctor!


This is hands-down one of the funkiest and most unique setups and listening venues I've ever seen. Seems a bit cozy, but I'm confident it sounds lovely.
Beam me up. :)


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