Latest setup.  Just recently upgraded pre-amp from Nagra Classic to HD Preamp.  Also, swapped out my Aurender N10 for Auralic G2 with surprising improvement.  I am considering upgrading Magico Q5 speakers to Rockport Cygnus. If anyone has any opinions on whether that makes sense, would love to hear your thoughts.  Also, any thoughts in general are appreciated.  Thanks

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    • Nagra HD Pre-Amp
    • Nagra HD Amps
    • Nagra Tube DAC
    • Auralic G2
    • Grand Prix Audio Silverstone 3 Rack and Mono Stands
    • Magico Q5

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Damcats - that's one dam-fine system with only the best pedigree of gear! Perhaps you've already heard this but the biggest upgrade may not be equipment related .... but room acoustical treatments.  I see a few what appear to be absorbers on the centre wall behind the equipment rack.  Have you treated other parts of the room too?  Have you "shot the room" for freq response and RT30/60 reverb? My system page shows what I did including building DYI diffusers/bass traps and bought (RPG, GIK).  Have you considered multiple subwoofers to even out the bass nodes? 2/3 or 4 should make a really good bass response below the Schroeder freq of your room.  Enjoy!!!