This system gets the most use of the 3 Linn systems I own....since I spend so much time in the office.

Very simple / great sounding system for my ears.

Room Details

Dimensions: 14’ × 18’  Medium
Ceiling: 8’

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    • Linn LK140
    Love this amp so much I have 2 of them and an LK85 across three Linn vintage systems.
    • Linn Kolektor
    Love this pre-amp.  Have 4 of them (one as a the rare event one of the other 3 need service) since they are very hard to find.  All in mint condition.
    • Wharfedale Diamond 210
    Great little "half pint" speakers that pair quite well with Linn electronics.  Perfect size for a smaller room like an office.

    Pretty impressive for being computer designed in the UK / built in China.

    A current "steal" brand new / discontinued item from Crutchfield for $149.99 with free shipping to boot.
    • Monster Cable The Original
    This was the hottest cable going in 1982 and only available at high end shops at the time ( a different world).  Perfectly fine for this app so why not enjoy it?
    • Sanus Speaker Stands
    Another high value item....bought for $60 brand new many years ago.
    • Apple iPad Mini
    This is a Gen 1 device, docked into an Apple Universal Dock with a 30 pin to lightning adaptor and remote.  Love it!

    Absolutely wonderful for pulling up my music databases and vast array of "cherry picked" favorites in Google Play, Apple Music / iTunes Match and Tune-In Radio.  It's the only way to go in my view.  All my music in one place and accessible from multiple iDevices anytime / anywhere.  Music management from any iDevice or computer is an absolute cinch!

    All 3 of my Linn systems are connected to an iDevice.  Other non-component devices are also hooked up to older iDevices all over the house for the same reason.  I never sell or trade them in given they make great juke boxes.

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Thanks sound like a real Linn lover like me.

The only problem with new Linn gear today is $$$$.  I have heard great things about the Bluesound boxes but remain quite happy streaming from iPads and iPhones all over the house.

Happy listening!


Wonderful Linn gear.  I first started seriously considering a streamer when I came across the Linn Majik DSM in a showroom in northern Virginia.  I ended up with a Bluesound PowerNode 2i due to space and cost considerations, but still like the sound and looks.


Nice LInn gear. My Linn system was one of my most memorable systems I've owned.  As a Linnie you know that the synergy using their speakers, interconnects and speaker wire is important to their sound. I love the PRaT their systems provide.


A lovely and very sensible little system!
Personally, I'd add a small but decent sub to give it a little more low-end heft.
But I'm sure it sounds delightful, regardless.


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