I was lucky enough to own many  different systems since 35 years . But at the end IMO you will be circling around only. Going back to  my old used gear before 5-6 years again, made me very happy .

Room Details

Dimensions: 22’ × 13’  Medium
Ceiling: 6’

Components Toggle details

    • Audio Research SP - 15
    • Sony TTS 3000
    Several plinth projects and suddenly i decided to use different materials with amazing result
    • ViV Lab Rigid Float 9
    • Benz Micro Ruby Z
    • Rega OEM Clearaudio Rega
    Michell upgrade etc
    • Coincident Speaker Technology Total Eclipse II
    • Townsend Audio Co. Supertweeters
    • Belden Studio
    • Audio Consulting Silver cables
    • Audio Technica AT-331LP
    • Pioneer Vintage CT 757 Deck
    • Revox PR 99 mk3 pro
    • Revox B 710 MK2
    • Marantz cd 72 mk2
    • Tribute Step up 1:10
    • Philco Single ended el84 based amp modified
    • Clearaudio Matrix
    • Philips AD 12202 15 ohm diy Fullrange
    • Oyaide Turntable Mat
    • Uesugi UTY 5
    EL 34 based monoblock's

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Do what makes U happy. Enjoy your system...  :)


Great looking high-caliber vintage gear you have assembled. Must be fun playing music with you collection. And your Revox cassette deck is really special.


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