This is my current reference system. Same Single Ended Triode and Single Driver philosophy as before. There been so many updates to my system that it was easier to just create a new system profile in AudiogoN to highlight what I'm currently listening to. Most of the other components in my older system profile largely remain but this is what I'm usually listening to. Highlights:
1) The Rethm Saadhana V3 are game changers.
2) I bought another Berning 300B SET ZOTL and it turns out that David Berning has made minor revisions which have improved this great amp. This latest version sounds great.
3) The Wavac PR-T1 preamp is the best preamp in my system so far.
4) The Chord DAVE DAC plus Blu2 Transport/Upsampler are game changers.
5) The Verastarr computer streamer is a huge leap from my previous Auralic Aries FEMTO. My digital music is much better now and very close to vinyl. I love ROON and TIDAL, especially MQA.
6) The Wavac LCR-X2 phono preamp is good. I use a AudioNote Kondo SFz step-up transformer with the Koetsu Coralstone Platinum (with Diamond Cantilever) cartridge. Upgrading the Fidelity Research FR66s internal tonearm wiring to latest Ikeda silver wiring is an important upgrade and highly recommended to those who have the FR tonearms.
7) Changing to all Verastarr Silver foils for power cords, IC and ethernet cables have been a revelation.

Room Details

Dimensions: 25’ × 14’  Large
Ceiling: 20’

Components Toggle details

    • WAVAC Audio LCR-X2 phonostage
    • WAVAC Audio PR-T1 preamp
    • Berning 300B SET ZOTL. 2018 version
    • Rethm Saadhana V3 Speakers
    • Technics SP10Mk3 Turntable with Krebs Mod 2, upgraded electronics and Porter Plinth
    • Fidelity Research FR66s tonearm with updated Ikeda internal silver wiring
    • Koetsu Coralstone Platinum Diamond Cantilever with Koetsu stone body headshell
    • Chord Electronics Ltd. Dave DAC
    • Chord Electronics Ltd. BLU2 CD transport and Upsampler
    • Verastarr Audio Performer Digital Streamer
    • Verastarr Audio Silver Power cables, Silver interconnects (RCA and XLR) and silver speaker cables. All of them foils,

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@bnbryant ,

The equipment rack is from Timbernation


@pr683 ,

With my speakers, I don't need more than 5 watts and I have driven the Rethm Saadhanas with 1 watt LTA MicroZotl preamp with great results. Wavac power amps are great SET power amps especially if you need high power but I just don't need high power even with my other Feastrex Field Coil drivers.
Another reason, and the most important, is that my Berning 300B SET ZOTL is a great amp. The best 300B that I've experienced. The one Wavac amp that could fit with my system is the EC300B (10w). I have not heard it but I really like the Berning ZOTL amps since they don't need output transformers which add their own character to the amp's sound. And the EC300B are over $25K and closer to $30K. Much more expensive.


@alfagil ,

I currently have slight toe-in. I tried straight ahead initially as most systems tend to favor the Rethms this way. But in my Rather small room, a little toe-in brings a solid. denser central image while still giving a wide soundstage.
My speakers are about 8ft apart, center to center and I sit about 9ft away.
And the Saadhana's work very well with my all Silver interconnects and power cables. But the Verastarr cables are very smooth even in my previous system using Feastrex Field Coil rivers which can also be fussy with silver cabling.



Great system - the Rethms are certainly game changers.  The only other components I've personally owned that brought a profound improvement to my ears are the Apogee Stage and Benchmark DAC, both keepers.

Have you tried different amounts of toe-in?  I have the Maargas firing straight ahead most of the time, but sometimes I toe them in slightly.  They are about 7' apart, and my seat is also 7' from the speakers..

I'm also curious if you find if your Saadhanas mate well with the silver cables and interconnects.  Thanks.


Just curious, why don’t you use Wavac power amp. to drive your speaker?


What type of equipment rack is it?


Hi devilboy,

I see you like Rethm. Well, the Saadhana V3 are quite amazing. Best so far in my system.


Wow. VERY impressive.
My Rethm Trishnas are the best speakers I've ever had.
Good job.


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