The goal:  turn on the music and be immersed in a huge soundstage, feel the attack, punch and energy of a live event and savor the tone of the strings, drum skins, brushes on cymbals and voices that are "just right".

My system is in a very large open space room which reinforces the spaciousness, deep bass, tonal accuracy and sense of "being there" that I'm striving for.

Nevertheless, part of the fun is swapping equipment in and out from time to time to see if further improvement is possible...within the realms of affordability.

Room Details

Dimensions: 40’ × 30’  X large
Ceiling: 10’

Components Toggle details

    • Shunyata Research Venom HC Power Cable
    This cable made a big improvement for the amplifier but not so much on the other parts of my system
    • Pangea Audio Power Cable Ac 14se
    Power Cables for Oppo, Belles, Power Sound Audio....the Pangea power cables were an improvement from the stock cables.
    • Power Sound Audio S1500 Subwoofer
    15" sealed subwoofer...a hidden gem, fast, deep and great tone
    • Parasound Halo A-23 Power Amplifier
    High bias Class A/AB operation rated at 125W/225W (8 ohm/4 ohm).  This amp is extremely smooth...not a hint of brightness and a great low end.  With the Lores I probably never push it over 2-3 watts...its probably in Class A most of the time.
    • Power Modules Belles 22a Tube Hybrid Preamplifier
    The unit uses two 12AU7 tubes in conjunction with power mosfet regulators making it a hybrid vacuum tube design.  Runs cool, switches quietly and produces absolutely beautiful sound.
    • OPPO 205 Disc Player
    The DAC has 7 different filter options so that you can optimize the sound to your preference.
    • Tekton Design Lore Loudspeakers
    2 way loudspeaker using a 10" Eminence Legend B102 with a whizzer cone crossed over to a 1" Audax Gold TWO 25A28 tweeter.  This is a $1000 speaker that throws a huge soundstage, has attack and punch and just sounds better and better as you feed it with better sources and equipment.  It gets you surprisingly close to a live sound experience in your living room.
    • Blue Jeans Cable LC-1 Audio Cables (RCA)
    Have tried other cables but so far, haven't heard one that improves on the Blue Jeans sound.

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JO... thanks...the room is slightly toward the “live” end of the spectrum... which to my ears is a good thing as it adds to the ambience.


MJ... as I’m sure you have seen... there are two professional reviews of the Lores which do a good job of describing the Lore sound.  I find them to be very engaging... pretty detailed top to bottom... huge sound stage...and realistically able to transport the musicians into your home. 

They need a good 100-200 hours to sound their best... and like many loudspeakers they will sound better if you feed them through better equipment. 


I like the fact the stereo blends into you living space instead of dominating it.
Your Tekon speakers look intriguing. I casually hunting for high-efficiency speakers and have been thinking of the Zu Audio Omen 2 or Klipsch Heresy III, but the Lores are half the price. I wonder how good they are.


Gorgeous home and nice looking well balanced system. I would suggest investigating room treatments you have a lot of hard reflective surfaces in your room. Looks great though!


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