The goal:  turn on the music and be immersed in a huge soundstage with width and depth.   Savor the tone of the strings, drum skins, cymbals, piano and voices that are "just right".  Feel the attack, punch and energy of a live event.

My system resides in a very large open space room which reinforces the spaciousness and sense of "being there" that I'm striving for.

For the past 6 years, my loudspeakers have been the Tekton Lores.  As time went by, my bucket list of speakers I wanted to try kept growing... Salk, Ohm/Walsh, small Maggies, Spatial Audio open baffles, and Tekton's new mid/tweeter array to name a few.  Finally,  I decided to sell the Lores and Feb. 2019 the Salk Veracity STs took their place.

Room Details

Dimensions: 40’ × 30’  X large
Ceiling: 10’

Components Toggle details

    • Salk Sound Veracity ST Loudspeakers
    The Veracity is technically a 2 way loudspeaker.  It has two 6" Seas Excel midwoofers in a transmission line enclosure mated to a RAAL tweeter.  Imagine the clarity and detail of a planar but with dynamic punch. The cabinetry is beautiful, the sound is musically engaging and the low end is completely unexpected from such small midwoofers.
    • OPPO 205 Disc Player
    The DAC has 7 different filter options so that you can optimize the sound to your preference.
    • Power Modules Belles 22a Tube Hybrid Preamplifier
    The unit uses two 12AU7 tubes in conjunction with power mosfet regulators making it a hybrid vacuum tube design.  The unit runs cool, switches quietly and has a nice remote.  I'm not sure I really appreciated how good the Belles was until I changed loudspeakers to the Salk Veracity STs.  The clarity from top to bottom and the massive three dimensional soundstage always put a smile on my face.
    • Parasound Halo A-23 Power Amplifier
    High bias Class A/AB operation rated at 125W/225W (8 ohm/4 ohm).  This amp is extremely smooth...not a hint of brightness and a great low end.  It drives the Veracity STs beautifully.
    • Power Sound Audio S1500 Subwoofer
     This is a 15" sealed subwoofer...a hidden gem, fast, deep and great tone.  I run the Salks full range and blend the sub in a 40hz to help compensate for the size of the room.
    • Shunyata Research Venom HC Power Cable
    This cable made a big improvement for the amplifier but not so much on the other parts of my system
    • Pangea Audio Power Cable Ac 14se
    Power Cables for Oppo, Belles, Power Sound Audio....the Pangea power cables were an improvement from the stock cables.
    • Blue Jeans Cable LC-1 Audio Cables (RCA)
    Have tried other cables but so far, haven't heard one that improves on the Blue Jeans sound.

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JO... thanks...the room is slightly toward the “live” end of the spectrum... which to my ears is a good thing as it adds to the ambience.


MJ... as I’m sure you have seen... there are two professional reviews of the Lores which do a good job of describing the Lore sound.  I find them to be very engaging... pretty detailed top to bottom... huge sound stage...and realistically able to transport the musicians into your home. 

They need a good 100-200 hours to sound their best... and like many loudspeakers they will sound better if you feed them through better equipment. 


I like the fact the stereo blends into you living space instead of dominating it.
Your Tekon speakers look intriguing. I casually hunting for high-efficiency speakers and have been thinking of the Zu Audio Omen 2 or Klipsch Heresy III, but the Lores are half the price. I wonder how good they are.


Gorgeous home and nice looking well balanced system. I would suggest investigating room treatments you have a lot of hard reflective surfaces in your room. Looks great though!


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