I like having this small media room, but I miss a big open room where I can have Magnepan's and they can breath.  

Joseph Pulsar's sound great

Room Details

Dimensions: 12’ × 11’  Small
Ceiling: 11’

Components Toggle details

    • Joseph Audio Pulsar
    • Bryston BP-17 (Cubed)
    • Allnic Audio H1201
    • Bryston BDA-3
    • Bob Carver 275 Tube Amp
    • VPI Industries Classic
    Soundsmith Zephyr MKIII, periphery ring and Gingko Could 11 platform
    • Definitive Technology Super Cube 4000
    • Oppo 105
    • Apple Mac Mini
    running Roon

Comments 2

this is the first real digital I've had in a system since about 2010 (whenever the Bryston BDA-1 came out), and it really is convenient, the sound is greatly improved (running Roon via Mac Mini to Bryston BDA-3) and SACD's are much better through the DSD decoding on the Bryston.  But, and I'm not trying to start the age old argument, vinyl just is so much more satisfying, and finally my digital system is not markedly inferior to my vinyl set up so it's a pretty good apples to apples comparison.  I am loving this new Carver amp.  It does sound as good as it looks.


Carver Amp is just now breaking in, and seems a great match for the Joseph Audio Pulsar's.  I was going to go with a classic MC275 to start and then maybe try a a Pass Labs amp, but happy right now


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