Room Details

Dimensions: 26’ × 16’  Large
Ceiling: 14’

Components Toggle details

    • PrimaLuna Dialogue Premium Integrated
    Gold Lion KT77 power tubes
    • Von Schweikert Audio db99se Loudspeakers
    internal powered 10" woofer with volume control
    • Lumin T2
    streamer DAC connected with Audioquest Cinnnamon ethernet cable direct to the Nighthawk Router
    • PS Audio Dectet
    Power Strip with integrated and Lumin plugged in, plus the power cords from the von Schweikerts
    • Audioquest PowerQuest 2
    Power strip with modem, router and Small Green Computer I5 server plugged in.
    • Small Green Computer I5 Server
    Utilized to run Roon Software
    • Triode Wire Labs American Series
    speaker cables and interconnects
    • SolidSteel Audio rack

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Thanks for your comment on my altitude thread. I find Prescott to be a wasteland for great audio stores. Do you know anyone local WHO CAN SET UPĀ  A NEW CONTROL 4 SYSTEM? One local shop wanted $3,200!! How about projector repair locally?? Must we all have to go to Phoenix for this??


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