This is a system Ive put together while being out of work for a few months.So I was trying to get the best sound possible by reviewing other peoples systems and watching lots of utube .I love the Audiogon forums and have spent many days looking through and seeing all those beautiful setups.Id like to thank all the other members for showing their amazing setups online.Just trying to get that "perfect" sound for a reasonable budget. Thanks again to all who view and contribute their opinions.

Room Details

Dimensions: 24’ × 12’  Medium
Ceiling: 10’

Components Toggle details

    • Mcintosh Mc 452
    Great amp
    • Wilson Audio Sophia 3
    Macadamia with Blanco grilles
    • Mcintosh D-150
    Digital Preamp
    • Wireworld Equinox 8
    Speaker wire
    • Schiit Audio Freya
    Tube preamp

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Nice system. Consider toeing your speakers in so that the inside of the upper portion of the cabinet is barely visible from your seating position. This is a recommendation for all Wilson full range speakers and has worked for me on all 5 pairs I have owned over the years.


Very nice indeed. I understant the need for a dedicated pre-amp, even on a « tight » budget while the D150 has variable output. As much as I like this DAC (have one myself) I must recognize the pre-amp side of it is of inferior quality.


Currently available, mostly used:
McIntosh MC452, $4,450 on Audiogon
Wilson Audio Sophia 3, $7,995 on Audiogon
Mcintosh D-150, $2,000 on Audiogon
Wireworld Equinox 8 speaker wire, $580 for 2m pair
Schiit Audio Freya, $500 on Audiogon

If over $15 grand (not including shipping, etc.) is considered a "tight budget", then I'd love to see and hear what you consider cost no object!

Lovely system, regardless. :)


So pretty!  Nice job :)


Hey I hope you got back to work but have to say your idea of a tight budget and mine must be different! :-p Cool setup though thanks for sharing.


Im using the fixed xlr outputs from the Mcintosh D150 with kimber hero cables into the Freya .I usually keep it in tube buffer output stage.All inputs are made via the D150 I just wanted to get that tube sound.I agree that the Wilsons do need a much bigger space than what I have but I really wanted a sound similar to what an Audeze LCD 2 headphone sounds like and I believe that Im pretty much there.The headphones are were I started and Ive got a very decent collection.Thanks for the comment ..


Very impressive system! How do you use the Schiit tube pre in conjunction w/ the Mac digital pre? I'll bet you wish you had a larger room too?


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