As with all systems, this was a journey and I currently am thrilled with the music it makes. Many nights my wife and I will just listen to music (no tv on) and have a few drinks and just have a great time. I have also spent countless hours with my 2 boys in this room. “Dad, can we go to the record room” was music to my ears (no pun intended). I’ve taught them how to play cards, had lots of good father son talks, and ultimately always a great time. Music transcends us to different times and places.. the better the system, the more enjoyable is the memory of the experience.

Room Details

Dimensions: 18’ × 12’  Medium
Ceiling: 7’

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    • Linn Klimax LP12
    It’s been 20 years of ownership with this deck and now I’m fortunate enough to enjoy this table with Klimax Radikal power supply, Keel subchasis,Ekos 2 arm, Kandid MC cartridge, Urika phono stage.
    • Lejonklou Tundra monoblock Tarandus 2
    By far the most musical amps I’ve had the pleasure of listening to. Upgrading to these from Linn Klimax Chakra Twin was breathtaking. These are even more musical than Linn Klimax Solos. Adding these amps was just like upgrading the source.
    • Linn Klimax Kontrol pre-amp
    With Dynamik power supply and upgraded mono boards.  Simply can’t do much better than this pre for the money.
    • Linn Akurate 242 mk2
    Very musical speaker.. does take some TLC to set up for optimal results but worth it
    • REL B-1 Britannia
    Upgraded from Rel Storm to this and boy was it worth it!  This is very rare on second hand market and very much desired. Love the hi-level input connection (to amp and not phono).. much more musical

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Thanks for the kind words Linnie. You have a good eye, however it was not a Kolector, it was a Pekin tuner. Almost all Linn except for amps.. upgrading to these were breathtaking


Do I see a Linn Kolektor pre=amp in the first photo, that was removed in the second photo?  I guess it was replaced by the Klimax preamp?

Great, mostly Linn system!!


Thank you for your kind words. I agree 100% regarding placement of Rel.. I did have it there and was Constantly fighting boomy bass as well as standing waves (was was much louder when I stood up from listening position). The 242s are quite deceiving. Sometimes I will have the Rel at volume Zero and not know it and I rarely feel like I’m missing a whole lot


Nice looking system - you may want to refer back to your REL owners manual - as the sub, as cool as it looks where it is, is not placed properly according to the folks from REL.


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