2 Channel Living/Listening Room

Room Details

Dimensions: 44’ × 16’  X large
Ceiling: 13’

Components Toggle details

    • Audio Technica ART 9
    • SME V Updated
    • Mitchell Gyrodec Mk IV Full Gert Pedersen Mod
    • Tice Audio Power Block III Sig Series
    • Mac Mini Core Audio Mod & LPS
    • Prism Sound Orpheus
    • Decware Zen Tori III
    • Morrow Audio SP-7
    • Reference 3A Grand Veena
    • Audio Sensibility Silver Statement Phono Cable

Comments 1

Reference 3a speakers are really amazing bargain in what they can do, as you get a big planar with transmission line bass presentation.  Why is the left speaker so far back? is your seating position off-center in the room?  Also, I have the Art9 cart and using the SME alignment gauge the stylus is way in front of the point it's supposed to be.  how did you align the cart and headshell?


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