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    • AudioQuest Thunder
    Power Cable
    • Spendor D9
    • Line Magnetic 805ia
    Integrated Amplifier with 48W per Channel
    Rolled tubes include (Psvane ACME 805, Emission Labs 300B XLS, NOS Tungsol 6SN7, NOS Mullard ECC35)
    • Don Sachs Model 2
    Psvane CV181 tubes
    • PS Audio DirectStream Junior
    • Wireworld Silver Eclipse 8 XLR
    XLR Interconnects
    • Oppo 105D
    SACD/CD Transport
    • AudioQuest Niagara 1000
    • Acoustic Zen Gargantua II
    Power Cable
    • Acoustic Zen Tsunami III
    Power Cable
    • Acoustic Zen Matrix Reference II RCA
    RCA Interconnects
    • IsoAcoustics Gaia II
    Speaker Isolation Feet

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Nice system @freesole. Nicely put system, especially the Spendor and tube combination. Is the amp able to drive the Spendors properly?
Also, did the Gaia make any noticeable difference on the Spendors? Would love to see a pic of the Spendor+Gaia. How far apart are the loudspeakers? That audio stand gives your system a modern-retro look! Goes very well with the loudspeaker finish.