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Dimensions: 26’ × 15’  Large
Ceiling: 12’

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    • Bricasti Design M25
    New design by Bricasti as of 1/2019. This is a dual-mono Stereo amp. Little brother to the M28 mono-blocks.
    • Sanders Sound Systems 10e speakers
    • Kuzma XL with 4Point tonearm
    • Audiomica Labs Full loom of their cables
    Hand-made in Poland, best I’ve had! Cables you never heard of and cables that you just don’t hear!
    • S.I.N. Audio PSD distributor
    • NVO 22 tubes phono SPA SE II
    • Vibraplane Active isolation
    This is what started the isolation craze over 30 years ago!

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Very nice system!


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