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Dimensions: 26’ × 15’  Large
Ceiling: 12’

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    • Bricasti Design M25
    New design by Bricasti as of 1/2019. This is a dual-mono Stereo amp. Little brother to the M28 mono-blocks.
    • Sanders Sound Systems 10e speakers
    • Kuzma XL with 4Point tonearm
    • Audiomica Labs Full loom of their cables
    Hand-made in Poland, best I’ve had! Cables you never heard of and cables that you just don’t hear!
    • S.I.N. Audio PSD distributor
    • NVO 22 tubes phono SPA SE II
    • Vibraplane Active isolation
    This is what started the isolation craze over 30 years ago!
    • Bricasti Design M1 SE

    The Special Edition M1 builds on the success of the Classic M1 it incorporates Stillpoints feet that are engineered and optimized exclusively for the design. The added stability improves isolation from vibration which translates to a more transparent sonic presentation. Point-to-point wiring, a labor intensive process, improves signal flow by eliminating various connectors which can degrade a signals performance. 

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Very nice system!


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