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Dimensions: 22’ × 16’  Large
Ceiling: 8’

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    The components are impressive to say the least.  Do you feel like the room is adequate in size for a speaker that size?

    Btw, another sign of an audiophile is the equipment costs thousands while the window treatment is paper with plastic clips.   



    Beautiful pics!  Happy Listening!


    Thanks BiIl,

    Considering price of many of the mono block amps today the $65K price does not seem unreasonable.

    I import Allnic and their new top tier amp is $45K and of course the new VTL and ARC are over $60K.   If there were a solid state amp that made magic like tubes I would certainly be interested.

    These Block amps are really nice looking, I also love the look of Gryphon but have not had in my system either.   I have had ARC and VTL, both make some fine sounding amps.

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    Listened to these Block amps in this system the other day. Anyone looking for pure class A amps should give these a listen.


    Albert - Here's their only current US dealer's page which has additional information on their amp and preamp at the links including some great pics. Not certain on their retail but I seem to recall seeing $65K for the amps.
    Here's another page with a review of the amps and preamp, showing 70K Euro price apparently for the combo.
    Happy holidays!
    - Bill


    Thank you for link, my search engine did not find their home page.   Beautiful design and information on home page is interesting. 

    None of the reviews in English show price, what is approx retail in USA?

    I don't know why but I get the impression this might be a great solid state amp, hope to hear one some day.

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    Those Block amps are bad ass. Your correct WC the speaker are huge but get rid of that TV.


    Here's a link to the Block Audio website for further details on their Class A mono amps: 


    alberporter, they are  "Block " amps. You can refer to WC's thread, the last several pages. Enjoy ! MrD.


    I have not seen those amps before.  Can you describe them?

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