Excellent transparency and resolution, very low distortion, very realistic imaging and soundstaging. Ideally the gear will neither add nor subtract anything to what's contained in the recording. The goal with my current stereo setup was to achieve, as closely as possible, the same kind of very high resolution and very low distortion I was getting from my cross-fed, balanced, planar headphone rig. I think I've gotten there with the synergy of the PS Audio>Merrill Audio>Dynaudio chain but of course with the correct spatial cues for a "live" music presentation not possible with headphones. All my previous two-channel systems fell short of this ideal.

With roughly 8,000 Redbook CD's, I'm pretty much committed to a CD player as my source. I've looked into converting everything to flac files and going the music server route, but the task turns out to be just too daunting and/or expensive. Plus I just really love browsing through all my discs.

Room Details

Dimensions: 17’ × 13’  Medium
Ceiling: 8’

Components Toggle details

    • Dynaudio Confidence C1 Mk II
    • Merrill Audio Thor Mono Blocks
    • Dynaudio 9S Studio Subwoofer
    • PS Audio DirectStream Memory Player
    • PS Audio DirectStream DAC
    • Brickwall Series Mode Power Conditioner

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Craig, thanks for the advice.  Dual subs are probably not an option until I get a dedicated listening room at some point (post retirement in about 4 years).  And thanks for the advice about power cords; I'll keep that as an option for any upgraditis I may be experiencing down the road.


I have been a Dynaudio fan for many years. I am currently using the C4s with REL GI subs. I had the C1s for a long time and kept them in the family by passing them on to my stepson and he is using them in a NAIM system which I also had passed on to him. Anyway, I think one suggestion I would make is to add a second sub to have a stereo pair. No it is not adding too much. You will turn the gain back and perhaps adjust crossover. But it is about balance, depth, clarity. You won’t lose anything you are now hearing you will hear more of it. The other thing (and it took me a long time to come around a try it and I am kicking myself for not doing it much much sooner - I’m 71) is upgraded power cords and power conditioner.  After all these years I could have saved myself a lot of money by putting it in to the power cords first before making the equipment changes. The biggest improvement, certainly for the dollar, of all the changes I have made over the years whether you are in to digital or vinyl.


thosb,  No I haven't felt the slightest inclination to try a pre-amp.  The sound in my listening room is the best I've ever heard so, until that no longer pertains, I'm good.


Beautiful set-up, bet it sounds awesome.  Curious if you have tried a preamp in this chain?  I am using the PSA DSD as a pre-amp in terms of volume control, curious if you've done comparisons w and w/o a preamp?


Chris, the current placement of the sub actually sounds better integrated with the main speakers than the floor position I had it in previously.  The table it's sitting on is very heavy and stable but I still will be looking for some good method of isolating the 9S, at the very least using Sorbothane footers.


great gear! I have an older PS Audio DAC I love, and every time I hear Dynaudio speakers I am impressed!

That's an odd placement for your subwoofer though. I would try to find room for it on the floor somewhere, even if tucked away...


This looks like a fantastic system!  I have yet to hear Dynaudio speakers, but looking forward to someday soon.


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