String quartets/chamber music in the morning, jazz in the evening, everything else in between...

I'm running the Oppo 105 as a Redbook and SACD source and also as a DAC for a 2TB hard drive with (almost) every CD I've ever owned on it. The Oppo DAC compares very well with several mid priced DACs I've formerly used.

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    • Clearaudio Emotion
    Sumiko Blackbird HOMC, Grado "The Reference" moving iron cart
    • Rogue Audio Atlas Magnum Amplifier (upgraded)
    Runs low end with 2- Genalex Gold Lion 12au7 and 2- Siemens NOS 12ax7
    • Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum 2
     Runs top end with Brimar Mullard 12au7 preamp tube, 2- NOS Mullard 12au7, 2- Sovtec LPS12ax7
    • Oppo 105
    Running this as a CD player and also as a DAC for a 2TB hard drive with about 2200 cds on it.
    • Tandberg 4000X
    • Aerial Acoustics 10 T Mk II
    • Musical Surroundings Nova II
    Phono preamp

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MJ...Thanks...Yes...I'm using the integrated taps for the top end and the Atlas for the bass. I'm toying with the idea of a tube preamp with a better phono stage to pair with the power amp, but I just put this setup together and I may just stay with the status quo for a while.


Very nice minimalist, clean looking, audiophile system. Everything is great including your vintage.
I'm assuming your integrated has preamp outs to run a power amp for bi-amping.


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