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Dimensions: 14’ × 17’  Medium
Ceiling: 8’

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    • Bryston 875HT
    This wonderful amp is in bridged mode for the front 3 channels producing 250 w into 8. The rears get 75 watts which is plenty in my shallow room.
    • Bryston SP-3
    Excellent 2 channel pre-amp also managing my multi channel concerts and movies. Balanced in is a bonus to hook up the Oppo UDP-205 and TEAC Distinction CD-3000
    • Oppp UDP-205
    Great source component with stunning video.
    • Teac CD-3000
    from the Distinction series, very good SACD playback.
    • PMC Fact 8
    I love these slim British speakers, finally broken in providing stunning imaging. Superb mid's and highs with an accurate not bloated bottom end.

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Looks like well thought high caliber gear using minimal equipment. Really impressive system.


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