Not an ideal room by any means.  Any devices mentioned under my system tweeks are those that were tried and made an improvement in my system/room and therefore remained in place.  Many other tweeks have come and gone.


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    • Krell KRC-3 Preamp
    Pairs beautifully with the power amp.  Not the highest in the Krell preamp lineup of the 90’s but synergy matters lol
    • Krell KSA-250s Power Amplifier
    (Mostly) Class Amplifier produces tight, IMPACTFUL bass, neutral mid range and open air/detail; neither bright nor fatiguing.
    • Sonic Frontiers SFP-1 Signature phono preamp
    MC/MM tubed phono preamp with Mullard 6JD8 (1963 date code, Blackburn UK factory) and Mullard 12AT7 (1968 date code, Blackburn UK)
    • Yamaha PF 800
    • Benz Micro Glide M2
    Medium output (.9v) moving coil cartridge.
    • Innuous Zen Mini Mkii
    Use Ipeng to control the server from Ipad.  Zen is connected to the network by Kasimo CAT8 ethernet cable.  I use the Zen as a server for my 1600 cd’s as well a streamer for Qobuz.  It is powered by an Sbooster BOTW mkII LPS.
    • Ayre Acoustics QB-9 DSD
    USB dac
    • Bada HD-26
    Top loading mechanism with fully balanced tubed output, single ended tubed output and a set of solid state single ended outputs.
    • Tascam 34b
    Open Reel Deck
    • Hales Design Group Revelation 3
    Floor standing speakers
    • Elac Sub 3010
    Triple threat.  Inexpensive subs add just the right amount of air movement.  The trio provides smooth, fast bass.  Not ultra low but even/flat throughout my room.
    • Wireworld Silver Eclipse
    Speaker cables
    • Wireworld Equinox 7 RCA
    Single ended interconnects all around
    • WireWorld Equinox 7 XLR
    Balamced interconnects from dac to preamp
    • Wireworld Starlight 8
    USB cable from streamer to dac
    • Ice Age power cables all around Copper/copper cryo treated cable
    Power cables for all components.  Switched from WireWorld Electra.
    • System Tweeks
      * Four dedicated 10 gauge 20 amp power lines to listening  
      * Two Shakti Stones (one for tube phono stage, one for the Pre)
      * Three sets Final Labs Daruma 3ii bearing isolation cups (under     phono stage, dac and streamer/server)
      * Tekna Sonic C10 resonance control, 1 per speaker
      * Tekna Sonic C12 resonance control, 1 per subwoofer
      * Isoacoustic Gaia II speaker isolator/footers
      * Schumann Resonators (2)
      * SBooster BOTW mkII LPSU for the Zenmini
      * MIT Z-Plug parallel power filter
      * Auralex Subdude II under each sub
      * Diffusers 
      * Owens Corning based absorption panels
      * Auralex bass traps front and rear corners of 
      * KAB Strobe Scope for adjusting turntable speed if necessary
      * Okki Nokki record cleaning machine
      * Furutech Destat III
      * Big Record Brush


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A beautiful room and system.
Happy Listening!


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