Just a real simple system based on the Tonian TL-P1 MKII with NOS Philips 9710 driver supplemented by a ribbon tweeter.  Tony Minasian's speakers are like finely tuned musical instruments.  They are open and natural with beautiful tone. They can sound great with basic amplifiers of lower wattage. Tony often shows his gear with modest components like Audiolab 8000A integrated -- to great effect.  I love that approach.  In my case, I selected the Crayon CFA 1.2 integrated (about 60 watts) -- which has a really sweet phono stage that works well with my Denon DL103.  This is the first time in close to 30 years that I have not had tubes in my system, and the first time I have had a full function integrated.  And, I must say that I am totally satisfied -- just beautiful natural sound. I decided to show this system as an option for those looking for a great taste of high-end at a more modest (in audiophile terms) price point. Pair the Tonian speakers with a basic integrated from the likes of Exposure or the new Kinki Studio, add Tonian cables, and you could be set for a long time. If you can spend a little more, the Crayon is sublime.

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    • Crayon Audio CFA-1.2
    • Tonian Labs TL-P1 MKII
    • Technics SP-25
    • Audio Technica ATP-12T
    • Denon DL-103
    • Resolution Audio Opus 21
    • Radio Dust Covers for speakers and amp
    • Tonian Labs Cables

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Wonderful System! Having owned 3 pairs of TL-D1, I'm a big fan of Tony's speakers. He also speaks very highly of the Philipps drivers that you have.


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