I have been building this system for years. I recently built a new home and  December 2017  moved my Audio child in. Even though I had taken acoustics and electrical wiring into  construction consideration it was less than I had hoped. It took about 6 months to dial it in and oh boy is it dialed in!   This is first ,a highly resolving two channel music system and second, an AV system .   While listening to music everything associated with AV is turned off except the 3 channel amp which in turn keeps the center and surround speakers loaded. I've been on this journey for 40 years traveling the world to attend  audio shows  developing wonderful relationships with dealers and distributors. My tag says " done for now" because sometimes I like to kid myself.

Room Details

Dimensions: 37’ × 17’  X large
Ceiling: 9’

Components Toggle details

    • MSB Technology Premier
    DAC with optional second power supply , Renderer V2, XLR out
    • Roon Labs NUCLEUS +
    Music Server
    • VAC Signature MkIIa SE
    Tube pre amp
    • MSB Technology S202
    Stereo Amp
    • Wilson Audio Sasha 2
    • Transparent Audio Reference Gen 5
    • REL Acoustics G-01 Mk II
    Pair of subs
    • Wilson Audio Watch Center 1
    Center Channel
    • Bryston 9B SST2
    3 channel amp for center and surrounds
    • James Loudspeaker FXAQ550S
    in ceiling surround speaker
    • NAD M17 V2
    AV Processor
    • Sony MASTER Series XBR-77A9G
    77" OLED
    • OPPO BDP-105
    Blu Ray player
    • Shunyata Research Hydra AV
    Power Conditioner
    • Shunyata Research Powercords
    Assorted bunch
    • Critical Mass Systems Center Stage
    Assorted depending on component 1.5, 1.0, .08
    • Symposium Acoustics Platforms
    • Sub Panel Dedicated Electrical Sub panel
    dedicated electrical  sub panel located 5' from system feeding out 3 20 amp circuits. 
    Line level noise almost  nonexistent   

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Badazz.  The Wilsons look great love that color


Great system! MSB/Atlas Sig/VAC Sig/Sashas must sound wonderful! Aesthetix and VAC not so popular in my part of the world (unlike McIntosh/ARC) so less chance to audition their equipment...
No analog front end? In case you did get the optional phono stage on your VAC Sig then you're already half there :)


Beautiful rug, too.  Is that a Tabriz? 
Congrats.. Nice system.  Have you had other Wilson Audio speakers?  I'm wondering how Sasha 2 compares to Sasha 1 and Alexia 1 and Yvette - specifically in bass texture and shading.  

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Well, I am a Home Theater nut and just this past Thursday call my “parts department” guru, really, my Home Theater friend, as I have been upgrading for almost 40 years too, to tell him that I wanted to add Tidal to my system so I could start to listen to, and start to learn to appreciate, 2-channel music! A turntable would have to wait until I see if I like 2-channel!

My equipment is:

My front L & R speakers are Golden Ear Reference with my Centre being the best that Golden Ear makes so far, their XXL speaker,
2-in-wall rears
2-in-wall sides
4-in-wall Atmos ceiling and a final 2nd Centre channel in my ceiling above my floor center to help me, at times, hear what is being amplified to the center channel for dialogue.

My amps are:

5-channel Classe CT-5300 running my front 3 & back 2 rear channels

7-channel Emotiva XPA-7, running the other 7 channels

an Oppo UPD-205 4K DVD player


a Marantz pre/pro 8802A 

which has the ability, I am told, to stream Tidal with nothing else needed except a tablet to have the Ap downloaded to.

Now, my question to all of your you reading, is what else should I do/purchase to help me get the best sound that my system can be capable of.

Look forward to hearing a few ideas of where to go to help me enjoy 2-channel as much as I enjoy HT, and my movies, which I get through 4K discs, Apple TV, Netflx, and Prime Video.


I was going to add a Bryston DPB-2 to my system but was told that I should not get it at this time, and also that it would not add anything to the music! Comments on this idea too would be helpful.


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Omg man! This an absolute work of art. I even love the rug on the wall used as a diffuser. :)


In one word...FANTABULOUS!!!


Good golly, what a system!


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