This is my modest system but functional for our everyday use and as a clear un hindered listening station.  I am pleased with the openness of the Venere S, however they are almost overpowering with brightness and lacking bass.  I have them bi amped which has helped but still leaves them wanting for lower frequencies.  The Supercube is amazing  in its own right for the size and what it actually puts out.  I am thinking about adding another to the system just to pick up the fullness.  Any comments or ideas to bring out a fuller sound from these beautiful Venere S speakers are welcome.  When I heard them in the showroom I fell in love,

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    • Sonus Faber Venere S
    Natural Walnut floor standing towers
    • Definitive Technology SuperCube2000
    • Klipsch RC-35 Center Channel
    • Marantz SR6012 Surround Receiver

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I enjoy your basic HT. Did you get your systems sound balanced. The AVRs eq and 12 ga wire should give it a fuller sound. I'll have to look into the super cube for my 3.0 HT. Thanks for posting.


Thank you VERY MUCH for your comments.  I just ordered a Krell KAV 2250 to get some power to the speakers and will definitely be reading your articles!


Lovely looking speakers.. They are modestly efficient, but with that many drivers at 4 ohms I would say investing in a more powerful amplifier and preamp combo or an integrated with more guts.


"Get Better Sound" by Jim Smith


It would help a great deal to put a thick rug in front of the speakers and to bring them further into the room. Right now, they are too close to the rear wall and probably in a bass "null". If you go the rug route, make sure it's longer than the speakers are apart. I also recommend checking out my website for articles on how good your speakers can be when placed and positioned optimally.


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