Since I initially posted here a few years ago, I made plenty of changes and I cleaned it up a bit. This is my main system combining pure 2-channel and surround sound when needed. The MC-601 monoblocks drive the XRT-28's with ease. I have tried a few McIntosh preamps (SS and Tube) and have settled on the C45. A recent addition of the XLS-12 subwoofer gave the system a little more depth on the lower end and I'm very happy with the result. I play all types of music, mainly classic rock, 80's pop and jazz. For surround, two MC-7106's control all my surround speakers. The only piece I'm still looking for is a McIntosh MLD 7020 to complete my collection. If you have one for sale, please contact me.
Thank you!

Room Details

Dimensions: 20’ × 15’  Medium
Ceiling: 8’

Components Toggle details

    • McIntosh MC-601
    Mono blocks (2)
    • McIntosh MC-7106
    6 channel power amp (2)
    • McIntosh C-45
    • McIntosh MVP-871
    DVD player, used mainly as CD player
    • McIntosh XRT-28
    Front speakers
    • McIntosh XCS-350
    Center speaker
    • McIntosh XR-6
    Back speakers
    • McIntosh XLS-112
    Active subwoofer
    • McIntosh HT-2
    Passive subwoofer
    • McIntosh HT-3
    Surround speakers (2 pairs)
    • Yahama CX-A5100
    • OPPO UDP-203
    4K Bluray player
    • Pioneer Elite CLD-79
    • Technics SL-1210MK3

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Hi cio52,
I was running the subwoofer through the sub output of the C45, however I just bought another one so I'm running them through the L/R outputs. The XLS112 has volume control so it's no an issue anymore. The trim button helped, but eventually I just adjust it on the sub itself. As far as cables, I'm not running anything special. For many years I refused to accept the importance of cables. I'm running RCA Anticables from the MVP871 to the C45 and I recently bought better power cords for the MC601's. Other than that, nothing exotic or special. My speaker wire is 12 gauge, something I picked up online. I just bought a C200 and I'm waiting for it to be delivered!


Thank you for sharing your system, again.  The system you've assembled is a work of art and I am sure it has been the source of many, many hours of audio bliss.  I love the sound of the C-45 in my 2.1 channel system and I wonder if you are using the trim button to control the bass output for the xls-112 in your multichannel setup or are you using the dsp from the Yamaha?  I have found that utilizing the trim on the c-45 works well with my JL Audio sub since it has no remote volume.  Also, what interconnects and speaker cables have worked for you?


Thank you silvanik! To me, the most unique aspect of these speakers is that it seems that the music is generated from the wall. It's a cool experience.


Your system looks so nice, can only image how good it performs!


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