My system is tube based with Genesis M60 mono block amps paired with a TRIODE TRV 4SE LIMITED SPECIAL Pre Amp.  Speakers are Legacy Audio Classic HD’s using SR UEF LEVEL 3 Speaker cables and IC. Power conditioning is handled by SR POWER CELL 4 , EQUITEC SON OF Q JR and Richard Gray Power Co. Power Cords are SR Tesla T3’s, T2 and Precision Reference. Room is treated with GIK Acoustics corner bass traps and Synergistic Research Acoustic Art and HFT’s along with silk plants. Mostly a CD based system using Cambridge CXC Transport and ORB JADE 2 DAC. I also spin some Vynil using B&O 2404 Turntable. The ceiling in my music room is a cathedral shape to 12 ft

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    • Genesis Advanced Technologies M60 Mono Blocks
    • Triode Corporation TRV 4 SE LIMITED SPECIAL
    Pre Amplifie
    • Orb Audio Jade 2
    • Legacy Audio Classic HD’s
    • Synergistic Research Acoustic Art
    Room treatment
    • Cambridge Audio CXC CD Transport:
    • Bang & Olufsen Beogram 2404

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