I'm glad to present my simple system here. It's based on a digital source, the wonderful Sony HAP Z1-ES, a DIY passive pre-amp with one IN/OUT line  battery powered and   remote controlled volume,  McCormack DNA-2 amp and Thiel CS 3.6 loudspeakers.  Recently I made by myself the table and the amplifier stand that you can see in the pictures, to make it I used stainless stell, aluminium and carbon fiber.

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    • Sony HAP Z1-ES
    Media player
    • DIY Passive pre-amp Pre amp
    • McCormack DNA-2 dlx
    • Thiel Audio CS 3.6
    • AudioQuest Lapis
    • AudioQuest Type 4
    Speakers cable
    • DIY Audio stand DIY Table

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Hi Mike,
six months ago I paid 2000€ for my pair here in Italy that means around 2280 US$, but I know that when the CS 3.6s  were for sale in my country the price  was double than US price. I have also to say that I've been very lucky finding them in perfect shape  both functionally and aesthetically, incredible after twenty years!
.....I would have liked to have bought them for 1500$!...anyway absolutely I don't regret my purchase,  I would buy them  again tomorrow!


Hi There . Would you be so kind as to disclose your purchase price of the 3.6 ? I am looking at a pair and the seller wants $1500 . I have seen sales for less so I am gun shy on purchasing . Thanks,mike


Thank you rosami,
Thiel fascinated me long time ago and finally few months ago I became the new owner of this beautiful Cs 3.6s. Can't stop listening to  my fovorite music, a true pleasure even at very low volume!....but you already know this :-)


Beautiful system (from a fellow Thiel owner)!


Next move is the acoustic measurement of the room, I own a old but working spectrum analyzer Audiocontrol SA3055, it should be helpful


Hi Mark,

you're too kind!.....I just put all my passion making what I love, glad you like it.
Happy to share my passion here.


bemopti123 (Paul?)

thank you very much for your appreciation! Actually I enjoy a lot my setup, the McCormack DNA-2 literally make Thiels sing and what I appreciate most is that the listening at very low volume is so rich in dynamic and detail.....Steve McCormack is a true genius!....on pair with Jim Thiel (we lost him unfortunately).
I'm very curious of your speaker, never heard before I read you own them and now want discover more about, the concept of a single driver sounds like a serious thing to take into the account......if only I was closer to you.......


Very , very nice set up !  And Love the table you built !..


That is a very well crafted system.  It is the second system I see that is based with just one digital front end but with a DNA-2 at the heart of the system.  The other person had a pair of Wilson Sofias as his reference.  Cheers for being about to construct your equipment stands properly.  Many would have to pay professional prices to get such stand.  I am sure your system sounds outstanding.  Some of the pieces you have are destined to become modern classics.  For the look and choice of pieces I can see you are a music lover first and then a audiophile second.  Cheers!


Thank you jafant, it's my pleasure to share my passion for music with all of you fellows hi fi lovers. So many things to learn from your experiences and solutions, too good to admire all this incredible equipments that I would not have imagined even existed!!


A beautiful, clean room and system.  Happy Listening!


Thank you Rob for your words!  Yes, I jumped late on Thiel's train but was already aware of what kind of power they need to really sing, thus I went immediately on the search of the DNA-2 (being already a owner of a loved DNA 0.5 wanted stay with similar sound signature) same day I bought  my pair of CS 3.6's  and with a lot of luck found one in excellent conditions after two weeks. Can't stop to think how Ive been lucky finding this in Italy even because I guess very few of them were imported. Definitely I love my DNA-2, no plan to upgrade the amp for long time.
Next move, actually already under construction, is the base for the amp: it will have same look and technical solutions of the table but with twenty millimeters of  thickness  for the glass due to the huge weight of DNA-2!
I'll update my Virtual System with some pictures once the construction is finalized.
I know that my system is very simple, no esoteric analog turntable and so on, not because I dislike the sound of such state of the art analog chain, just because I never invested on this since was young thus I should start from zero and thinking to my expectations  in sound quality simply can't afford it now, in the future maybe.
.....anyway, very satisfied with my system, even at late night when the rest of family is sleeping, so you can image how low can the volume be, I'm able to enjoy such incredible details and impressive dynamic (for the volume) that this chain can deliver.


Beautiful system and fantastic craftsmanship displayed on your pre-amp and audio stand .
The amp is a beast ! 900watts at 2 ohms !!! So that 3.6 will never starve .
What's next ?


Thanks Jerry, too kind. Due to my job I've the luck to have the availability of some modern and expensive lathes and CNC machines in the company I work for thus it all become easier from a practical point of view.


 I was curious because I am thinking of getting a different amp and it is too wide to fit in my rack. Excellent skills, that is an awesome job.


Thanks! I made the drawing from zero, bought just the carbon fiber and stainless steel pipes as bars and a solid piece of aluminium (that's the material I used to make the joints for the four carbon fiber pipes and the rings on the legs) then I machined every part to get the elements to put togheter.
The four legs are filled with sand in order to lower the resonance frequency.
The tickness of the pipe of the legs is 3 mm.
Yes, the top is tempered glass in fifteen mm tickness and sanblasted on the bottom side.


Very nice. Did you buy the parts for the table somewhere or were they from something else? Also is the top glass?


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