It has been a journey arriving here. Sideways sometimes, even back others but had fun, mostly, and learned along the way. It sounds good enough now it is very enjoyable. It can make me forget what I'm doing rather easily as I listen to it. Some cd's are better at that. After hearing an Ayon setup with JBL 4367's, I have done all I can to emulate that as much as possible with the gear I have. Oh I tried. It is engaging, I can listen until my glutes give up. It has plenty of real too. Some cd's if they were any closer to the real thing you could have them sign your shirt.
 And yes, that is a Yamaha CR 2040 and ADS 810's. Bought new in '84. A little static in receiver controls. Still have manuals, boxes, antenna, and receipts.

Room Details

Dimensions: 15’ × 18’  Medium
Ceiling: 7’

Components Toggle details

    • Synergistic Research Tesla Plex SE
    Dedicated circuit for the system only.
    • Triode Wire Labs 7+
    • Dynamic Design Lotus AE15
    • Dynamic Design Spirit AE15
    • Sablon Gran Corona
    • Verrastarr Grand Illusion Signature
    • AudioQuest Coffee USB
    • KLEE Acoustics TruBalance
    • AudioQuest Fire
    • HiDiamond 8
    Spkr cables
    • Jena Labs Twin 19
    Spkr cables
    • Velodyne SPL-1200 Series II
    • NHT 3.3
    • Coda Model 11
    • Coda CS
    • Coda 07x
    • Aesthetix Romulus
    CD /DAC

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still remember hearing those speakers years ago and how impresssed i was with them. great bass and imaging, even when placed against the wall. enjoy


Wow, great gear! Those NHT's are HUGE!

Talk to me about your progression in amps... were you always bi-amping? I have a pair of Polk LSi25's that is a semi similar design as your NHT's. I recently went from a 4 channel Adcom giving 90W/ch, and upgrading to a 2 channel Rotel giving 220W/ch. My Polk's are low efficiency 4 ohm speakers, the extra watts proved a bigger upgrade over bi-amping.

Curious to hear what you had and thoughts on changes along the way!


Compliments! I appreciated a lot your selection of components, serious stuff for great listening.
Even if I have never listened to NHT's I  believe, by reading some very positive reviews, that you can really enjoy a lot your system.


Thank you pops. The NHT's I got a good deal on. Being a broke peasant, lol, that is important. The best thing was that they were close to home so shipping was not an issue. They are somewhat known to have a bit of a harsh treble. Now, it may be that they are just brutally honest. I had different pieces and cables between then and now. I am really sensitive to the displeasure of less than good treble. I have no problem now with that, hi-hats are clear and distinct, rock music, and I listen to a lot of violins liking classical as well. 
@ acinspesaispe, appreciate the comment. It is as much acquiring what I am able to as buying with a specific , not really goal but just getting something I am able to that is available. Then making the best as possible with it. I have had different cables and cords, had them in every possible combination and now it is working. I did have a Prima Luna pre at one time, too many  combinations of tubes to try so I had to quit and get SS.


Great system you have assembled!  I’ll bet it sounds excellent, and like you said it only matters to us!  Have always been curious about NHT’s, now I know why they are designed to be placed near the front wall, the depth is amazing.  Good job.


When I see such a system, I usually say: great set-up! I would have never gone this route myself, but I do realize that it's not what you use, but how you use it and what you also use it with. The great aspect about this hobby is it can accommodate many and there are many variants to the same conclusion. I personally use an all tube system and have all non magnetic ancillaries, but that's me. Great job!


Thank you shosugi. 
@ anglobud2, I do live in a cul-de-sac, but with all due respect it seems it would be a little difficult for you to determine how my listening environment sounds. I had some challenges, and overcame them. While it may not be perfect, I think most would be surprised with the way it sounds now with the present setup. I'm the only one it matters to anyway, and while it is not the end all I'm really enjoying it.


With ALL due respect ...looks like the listening environment is a TOTAL disaster area. Spend big bucks on hugely expensive gear without care for room acoustics is a TOTAL cul-de sac;


Jerry - fantastic photos - your system must sound very enjoyable!  Thanks for sharing.

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Thanks milpai, I think more may have in the past. There are so many products available now. I wanted a Coda amp from when I was younger but usually never has the $$ at the right time or they sold rather quickly and I missed the chance. They were not available that often. Finally got one though, then another so I needed a pre to use both. Everything sounds really good but that desire to try different pieces is always there.


Nice system with so many Coda components. Not many people here own Coda. But I have heard great things about their components.


Thank you jafant.


Beautiful system Jerry.


I would like to say this too if it is ok, every one of these people treated me like I was their best customer. I am thankful for their help and service. 
special thx to Glen @ Aesthetix Audio (and crew) 
Doug @ Coda 
[email protected] MG Audio  
Mike @ Audio Archon
Peter @ PBN and The Music Room too!


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