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Dimensions: 24’ × 14’  Large
Ceiling: 10’

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    • Martin Logan 13a
    • Krell 575 monoblocks
    • Don Sachs Model 02
    • PS Audio Memory player
    • PS Audio DAC
    • MMF 2.2 tt
    • B and W 802

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Thosb, oh, as for sound the Don Sachs is well matched; it’s magical especially above 45 dB.


Thank you. Thosb, I purchased MLs because a well versed audiophile friend recommended them for my room. I ran the system with an Audio Research solid state and Krell 250 KSA. Not satisfied I posed the question on Audiogon’s forum on where to next? The overwhelming response was to consider a tube preamp as a way to overcome a “cold” system. Several respondents recommended Don Sachs, thus forgoing balanced. As for power cables, Shuyanta for the speakers and Krell’s Vector for the monoblocks. Interconnects by Liveline.


Bitchin' sofa too!


Beautiful system! Great full range speakers with components to match. I need to expand my obsession to Turntables. Will take me many years to build up an LP collection like yours!


Wow love it!  I would love to try that exact system with some other speakers (Thiels, Magnepans for example), so how did you pick the Martin Logan’s?  How does the preamp influence the sound through those big solid state amps?  Why did you pick the Don Sachs preamp and did you have to forego balanced cabling throughout as a result?  Cables?


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