No dedicated room in our starter home, which encouraged this 5.2 in our living room. Refurbished and used makes this golden age of audio not only intriguing, but feasible on a shoestring budget. Grew up in Seattle and somewhat partial towards Carver and Sunfire. Blue Jean Cable throughout.

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    • Sunfire CRS-3C
    Ear level with some vibration pads with an angle. Bought refurbished.
    • Sunfire CRM-2
    Wide dispersion. Angled down towards the listening positions. Debating on relocating to the sides. Bought refurbished.
    • Sunfire CRS-3
    Bought used. Always been a Bob Carver fan. To address the vertical dispersion the left and right channel are flipped to ensure the ribbon is a little above ear level from the main seating position. Extremely sweet, a little forward, but great for HT usage. The wife loves the fact that they're hung on the wall.
    • Marantz AV-7703
    Refurbished. Currently exploring TIDAL FLAC through HEOS with navigation through the iPhone - what a convenience.
    • Monoprice Monolith 5 Channel X 200
    Fantastic price. At higher volumes a little bit congested.
    • Sony UBP-X700
    Refubished. Enjoying the the Dolby Vision.
    • LG OLED55B6P
    Blacks are impressive.
    • APC H15
    Amplifier directly into the wall outlet. Only the Marantz, LG, and Sony connected. Reliability has been solid for the past 5 years.
    • Salamander Designs Credenza
    Well designed with what appears to be real wood.
    • Hsu Research VTF-3 MK5HP
    Great customer support. Strong output for the price. Will likely add another VTF-3 down the line.
    • HTD Level 3 Powered Subwoofer
    Handed down from a family member. Will likely be replaced by another HSU in the near future.
    • Vibrapod Isolators
    Handed down from a family member years ago. I have absolutely no idea whether they work, but since I have them, I figure they may as well be used.

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mjcmt - you must be telapathic! I’ve definitely been thinking about buying one on the used market. Prior to the recession I had a mint Sunfire Cinema Grand Architect II, but I eventually had to sell it given the times.

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