Subscribe for future changes, and I'm consolidating 3 systems and re-evaluating everything as I am tempted by the dark side of Single Ended Triode Tube setups again.  I will update with better pictures.

Room Details

Dimensions: 16’ × 12’  Medium
Ceiling: 10’

Components Toggle details

    • Rockport Technologies Avior
    Factory Custom Labo metallic Orange
    • Theta Digital Citadel 1.5
    more bass control than they Ayre MXR for the Aviors and more open top end.  Such an unknown audiophile bargain
    • Theta Digital Gen VIII Series 3 DAC Pre-Amplifier
    Amazing analog preamp with more natural 24/192 processing especially for 44.1hz.  Excellent Jitter Jail built in.  Truly balanced design like all Theta gear
    • Technics SL-1200GR
    I have had 3 Technics before with KAB mods, and a mega dollar high mass setup before.  Decided i wanted to reduce the hassle of analog, and the flexibility of removable headshell for multiple carts and instant VTA adjustments makes this a champ.  I will be adding the KAB silicone damper for the arm soon.
    • Audio Technica AT-ART9
    Still breaking it in.. too much detail right now, and I think i need a headshell space as i have maxed out my VTA because this cart is so short.
    • Theta Digital Compli DVD
    amazing Redbook player with super low jitter thanks to its own jitter jail
    • Wilson Audio Watch Dog 2
    Custom Ferrari Fly Red, as I use to have Wilson Watt Puppy in Ferrari Fly Yellow and it looked like Legos.  Musical sub that is crazy fast and almost 300lbs.  I have a couple of broken tiles thanks to it and my prior Wilson Maxx 1,2,3 (1100lbs) of the past years.
    • Kubala-Sosna Research Emotion
    Monoblock Jumpers with locking WTB bananas connectors on the speaker side.  I used these with my old Lamm ML2.1 setup.
    • Kubala-Sosna Research Emotion 3.5 meter XLR
    More organic than the prior Transparent Reference MM I use to run with my Wilson Maxx's.
    • Bluesound Vault 2
    CD ripper and music server in one piece with a great interface.
    • Deezer Deezer streaming service
    Sounded better than Tidal and much better interface.
    • SVS EQ-1 Audessy professional room correction for stereo subs
    Miracle room correction device where you can see before and after results.  This way I was able to adjust the placement of the sub and my RealTraps

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