Subscribe for future changes, and I'm consolidating 3 systems and re-evaluating everything as I am tempted by the dark side of Single Ended Triode Tube setups again.  I will update with better pictures.

Room Details

Dimensions: 16’ × 12’  Medium
Ceiling: 10’

Components Toggle details

    • Rockport Technologies Avior
    Factory Custom Labo metallic Orange
    • Theta Digital Citadel 1.5
    more bass control than they Ayre MXR for the Aviors and more open top end.  Such an unknown audiophile bargain
    • Theta Digital Gen VIII Series 3 DAC Pre-Amplifier
    Amazing analog preamp with more natural 24/192 processing especially for 44.1hz.  Excellent Jitter Jail built in.  Truly balanced design like all Theta gear
    • Technics SL-1200G
    I have had 3 Technics before with KAB mods, and a mega dollar high mass setup before.  Decided i wanted to reduce the hassle of analog, and the flexibility of removable headshell for multiple carts and instant VTA adjustments makes this a champ.  I will be adding the KAB silicone damper for the arm soon.
    • Audio Technica AT-ART9
    Still breaking it in.. too much detail right now, and I think i need a headshell space as i have maxed out my VTA because this cart is so short.
    • Theta Digital Compli DVD
    amazing Redbook player with super low jitter thanks to its own jitter jail
    • Wilson Audio Watch Dog 2
    Custom Ferrari Fly Red, as I use to have Wilson Watt Puppy in Ferrari Fly Yellow and it looked like Legos.  Musical sub that is crazy fast and almost 300lbs.  I have a couple of broken tiles thanks to it and my prior Wilson Maxx 1,2,3 (1100lbs) of the past years.
    • Kubala-Sosna Research Emotion
    Monoblock Jumpers with locking WTB bananas connectors on the speaker side.  I used these with my old Lamm ML2.1 setup.
    • Kubala-Sosna Research Emotion 3.5 meter XLR
    More organic than the prior Transparent Reference MM I use to run with my Wilson Maxx's.
    • Bluesound Vault 2
    CD ripper and music server in one piece with a great interface.
    • Deezer Deezer streaming service
    Sounded better than Tidal and much better interface.
    • SVS EQ-1 Audessy professional room correction for stereo subs
    Miracle room correction device where you can see before and after results.  This way I was able to adjust the placement of the sub and my RealTraps

Comments 2

@mjcmt Thanks for the comments/questions.  That tube amp is my Line Magnetic LM-518ia Integrated Tube Amp which is a 22watt SET amp with 845 output tubes.  Amazing little 77lb tube amp that can drive my Rockports with flawless control of the whole freq range that most solid state amps can't handle that 2ohm drop.   The 1200G and 1200GR i feel are better than fully modified MG5 SL1210 that I ran in the past.  If you want simplicity in an analog setup the Technics lets you focus on the music and the perfect timing.   unfortunately, i can't resist beautiful complex analog setups and have bought a new table to see how it compares to the Technics.


Very nice set-up. 
I'm not familiar w/ all your equipment so here goes w/ a stupid question. What is that tube amp in the photo?
Does the new Technics 1200gr sound any different than the previous generations. I understand that after they stopped production, Panasonic completely retooled to make the current version.


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