My happy place. :)

Room Details

Dimensions: 20’ × 25’  Large
Ceiling: 19’

Components Toggle details

    • Dual AA-1219
    Refurbished Dual ca 1968 with Ortofon Quintet Black and Kimber KCAG interconnects.
    • Parasound JC3+
    JC3+ with Kimber Select XLR
    • Yamaha A-S3000
    Incredible no-nonsense integrated from Yamaha.
    • Yamaha CD-S1000
    Nice CD/SACD/DAC...upgrading soon to PS Audio DirectStream DAC so will continue to use this as transport and for SACD.
    • B&W (Bowers & Wilkins) 805 D3
    Best sound/size trade for me for now.
    • Revel B112
    Powered Revel sub with software-driven DSP.. nice match for the 805's.
    • Ortofon Quintet Black "S" Version MC Cartridge
    Nice match for the vintage Dual.
    • PS Audio DirectStream DAC
    Upgraded with Bridge II and Snowmass firmware.
    • Kimber Kable BiFocal X
    Soooo detailed!!  Say what you want about cables, these crush my DIY speaker cables.  Something going on with geometry i am convinced--I made several different DIY cables out of the same stock and they sounded different--only difference was how i braided or wound them.  It DOES change the sound (and i would have spent way more than what i paid for these to get it right myself)... don't judge.
    • PS Audio BHK Signature Preamp
    Signed BHK Pre

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Great Christmas tree


Nice setup waltertexas, looks really relaxing 😎.


Work in progress...


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