A long journey from the venerable Audiolab 8000A & Linn Axis to a Danish wave of Densen & Dynaudio. A tour of US gear, Krell & Mark Levinson to a recent change to a Swiss core of CH Precision and Stenheim speakers.

This is a living room system - which means a delicate balance between optimal components AND looks. Little or no acoustical room treatment, beyond some acoustic foam in the paintings - and the rug.

Recent upgrade from the original GPA Monaco TT to the V2, has brought completely new life to the vinyl collection. Even with identical tonearm and cartridge a very significant improvement across the board. Spend 3-4 months with the dCS Rossini before adding the clock - which has added significant ‘precision’ to the soundstage and if anything, created an 'analogue' feel.

I do not recognize the ‘Swiss reputation’ for bright & analytical in the CH gear. From Eleanor McEvoy to Massive Attack and Mendelssohn, the stage is wide and deep, music involving and flowing.

Done for now...

Room Details

Dimensions: 34’ × 19’  X large
Ceiling: 10’

Components Toggle details

    • Stenheim Alumine Five speakers
    • CH Precision A1.5 Power amplifier
    • CH Precision L1 Pre-amplifier
    • CH Precision P1 Phono preamp
    • dCS Rossini Player/DAC
    • dSC Rossini Clock
    • Grand Prix Audio Monaco Turntable V2.0
    • Wheaton Triplanar mk VII tonearm
    • Ortofon MC A90 cartridge
    • Crystal Cable Ultra Speaker Cables
    • CH Precision Reference Balanced XLR’s
    • Ansuz Acoustics Mainz8 D2 Power distributor
    • Ansuz Acoustics D2 and Argento Audio Flow power cables
    • Grand Prix Audio Monaco Modular Racks
    • QNAP Server
    • Roon 1.6 & Tidal

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@oldager ,
You have a phenomenal room and system. And chairs!!


Congratulations! Stunning system! Great selection of equipment! Cheers


You have some very nice gear.
I have thought of CH Precision for my future build but found that the price to performance ratio is not so good compared to a brand like Aries Cerat.
Nonetheless CH is still my favorite solid state brand.


Wow. This is awesome. This is one I'd really love to hear! Congrats.


Thanks bradbin, appreciate your comment. As stated - indeed done for now... 
Even though a second CH A1.5 for a biamped setup or maybe a CH X1 power supply driving the L1/P1 is worth considering. 


Absolutely one of the most beautiful systems I have ever seen.   Absolutely stunning.  Hats off to your approach and design.


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