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Dimensions: 45’ × 35’  X large
Ceiling: 9’

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    • Njoe Tjoeb 4000
    Valve CD player with 24/192 upsampler
    • Lite DAC-60
    Dual 24 bits digital analog converter tube output, NOS 6922 Siemens cca gray plates, Black gates and Relcap Teflon caps, USB with Superclock 4
    • Benz Micro L-04lo
    Low output cartridge
    • Sony XL-55 Pro
    Stereo Cartrigde top of the line, I already have 2 pieces
    • Sony PSB-80 Biotracer Tonearm
    Esprit series turntable
    • Shanling Audio CD-T100
    CD HDCD player tube output, PCM 1704 dac chips, Lampizator mods, power supply mods, vacuum tube output mod, black gate caps output, dual OPA 2134 op amps, WE396a vintage tubes, 24/192 up sampling Superclock4 with new crystal with external original power supply
    • Jolida JD-9a
    Tube phono stage, telefunken 12ax7 vintage tubes, vishay diodes, nichicon caps, ESA clarity output filters, Bybee Rail.
    • Sony PS-8750
    Top turntable with carbon tonearm, top of the line, excellent definition.
    • Thorens TD-126c mkII
    SME Tonearm 300s series II improved, totally overhauled, external transformer, cardas cable.
    • B&W (Bowers & Wilkins) Nautilus 803s
    Internal Cardas cable, Mundorf capacitors, Diamond tweters
    • Conrad Johnson PV-12AL
    Teflon caps, external transformers, telefunken vintage tubes (red head), bypass balance and record selectors.
    • VTL MB-300
    Totally reconditioning by VTL, magic transformers, telefunken drivers, KT 90 electro harmonix tubes, 16 Teflon caps, working in 220 vac.
    • Marantz 8B
    Tube power amp, EL84 telefunken tubes
    • Samsung UN65MU8000
    65 inch 4K Ultra HD Smart Led TV
    • B&W (Bowers & Wilkins) Panorama 2
    Tv speaker HDMI
    • Apple TV
    New series 4K 64 GB
    • Sony BDP-S780
    3D Bluray DVD Player
    • Straightwire Rhapsody mkII
    Speaker cable
    • Straightwire Crescendo
    Interconnects cables
    • Wireworld Silver Starlight 7 HDMI
    HDMI cable
    • Monster Power Pro 2500
    Power center
    • Wireworld Platinum Electra 7
    Power cords various
    • Nakamichi 682zx
    Tape casete deck
    • Aiwa XD-S1100
    Digital Audio Tape
    • B&W (Bowers & Wilkins) P-5
    • Linn Sondek LP-12
    Classic turntable with Grace Tonearm
    • Supex 900
    Mini Koetsu Cartrigde

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yes, always rotate all the equipments jejejeje


The Shanling CD needs some mods to get some level of delicacy, in my case the installation of the Superclock4, western electric tubes, elimination of the headphones internal amp, and the mod of the operational amps, helps a lot


The B&W’s are completely different animal with tube electronics. I gained whole new level of appreciation for my 800’s when I switched from SS to tubes. 


I've always liked the looks of the Shanling CD player. Does it still sound good compared to more modern cdp's?




NIce collection of fine equipment. I had the Sony 6750 turntable, a step below yours and it was the best TT I've owned.
Do you rotate your equipment in and out of you system for different flavors of sound?


Really nice setup.


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