It's wonderful that people are getting into reel to reel. The two half inch Studer A80's are the foundation of a home recording studio. One serves as the main recorder, the other is the backup or "Safety". IMHO, Agfa 468 is the tape to use. Agfa was bought out by BASF and now it's made by Recording the Masters. Fredenstein electronics. That there lil' ol' cube you see on the right of the second to bottom shelf is a 32 track mixer. Fred has used his semiconductor background to put a mixer on a chip. Welcome to the 21st Century, friends. For mikes there are Manley Gold Stereo, Sanken 100K (yup that's 100 KHz. If it's good enough for George Massenburg, it's good enuff for me), and the ubiquitous Neumann U87.

Room Details

Dimensions: 32’ × 20’  X large
Ceiling: 9’

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    • Manley Lab, NBS, Eminent Technology, Hsu Wave, Skipjack, 440 monoblocks, 500 monoblocks, LFT 8A, VTF-2 Mk. 4
    Welcome to the Manley Lab demo room. I kid. I kid. It just seems that way. Four inputs in to the Wave Pre-amp just wasn't enough. Adding two Skipjacks brings the number of inputs up to ten. And y'know what? It's STILL not enough inputs. The weight of all the NBS wires has to be counterbalanced by a lead ingot otherwise the whole thing'd tip over. A pair of 440 monoblocks runs the panels on the Eminent Technology LFT8A speaker. The monoblocks have been tricked out with Genuine Gold Lion KT-77's. Mmmmm delicious smooth KT-77 sound. The 500's run the woofer on the Eminent Technology ET 8A's. Four Hsu VTF-2 Mk 4's have built in amps.

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@emaillists I am the Don Law of Thai Classical Music using an AEA 88A stereo mike and an RPQ2 mic amp into a Nagra Seven recorder.

The studio setup here I use for at most a trio due to lack of real estate. There are so many great musicians out there. My inspiration is M. Ward who records in what looks like a sitting room (Blue Note anyone?).


Enjoyed seeing this recording setup and reading about the mics.  What kinds of things do you record?  I own a few nice pieces of recording gear - a U67, matched pair of AKG 414XLS, a single Neve Portico II channel.


Thanks so much for the response, chowkwan.  I've got a 1/4" A812 whose power supply problems are giving me fits.  Will call on Monday.  Again, great system!


Wow. The whole setup and choice of decor and art is simply sublime! The whole space feels artistically inspired and inspiring. Well done.

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To millguy_3, who was asking about service on your Studer. Charlie Bolois, he da man.

Charlie Bolois
Vertigo Recording Services
210 West Palm Ave.
Burbank, CA 91502

(818) 429-3334


Two pair ET LFT-8's! Have you seen the thread by the guy who made new stands his, putting two LFT mid drivers side by side with two more directly above, with two tweeters one-atop-the-other right up against the mid drivers!


Wow, brilliant system. Engaging in every sense. Congratulations!


Nice system with insightful equipment choices.  Bet the LFT8s sound great fed by the Manleys.  Do you do your own Studer maintenance? Thanks for posting this.


Very nice set up. Apparently it is all about the music. The art works are anice touch as well. A very organic set up - must be fun to listen to and use.


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