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Dimensions: 14’ × 23’  Medium
Ceiling: 8’

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    • Speakers: Audio Note AN-E/SPe HE
    Apple finish (satin). On Audio Note stands.
    • Amplifier: Thomas Mayer 45 SE Amplifier
    Two-chassis SET stereo amplifier with separate power supply. 1.5 watts per channel using 45 output tubes and 3.5 wpc using 2A3s.  I'm using old stock RCA 6A6s as a driver tube. Here is a ranked list of the output tubes I have tried so far.
    1. NOS globe shape Cunningham 45s (CX-345)
    2. Sophia Electric 300B 2.5v (a drop-in replacement for 2A3s)
    3. NOS RCA globe shape 45s
    4. National Union ST shape 45s
    5. EML solid plate 45s
    6. Sovtek 2A3

    • Phonostage: Thomas Mayer D3a Phono Preamplifier
    • Linestage: Thomas Mayer 10Y Line Preamplifier
    • Turntable: Reed Muse 3C
    White finish. 

    I've experimented with both drive systems and I'm using the friction drive rather than the belt drive. 

    I've replaced the stock power supply with a linear power supply.

    • Tone Arm/Phono Cable: Cardas 34 AWG Clear
    • Tonearm: Airtangent 1b
    -- I've tried and owned a number of top pivoting tonearms, including those from Reed and Schröder, but I prefer the AT by a wide margin.
    • Cartridge: London Decca Reference
    I love the immediacy and front-row presentation of this cartridge.
    Many people say that you need to keep your records perfectly clean with this cart but experience tells me that it's the stylus, more than the lps, that needs to be kept clean.  The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser does a great job in this respect.
    • CD Transport: CEC TL5
    Belt-drive transport.
    • DAC: Audio Note UK DAC 0.1x
    • Distributed subwoofer system: AudioKinesis Swarm Subwoofer System
    4 walnut subs; 2 amplifiers.

    I've added a high-pass filter between the preamp and my main amp.  The main speakers are 3dB down at 60Hz. 
    • Interconnects, Speaker Cables, Power cords: an assortment
    Crimson R.M Music Link
    Power Cords: Volex 17504
    Some pro audio stuff.

    I used to spend a lot of money on wire but don't anymore
    • Power Treatment: Akiko Audio Corelli
    • Grounding: Entreq Silver Tellus
    With four Siltech Zero Ohm Link grounding wires. (9 AWG)
    • Room Treatment: Stein Music Harmonizer System
    6 Harmonizers (all of them have been upgraded to the "Signature" versions). 

    Though I have 5 Blue Diamonds and 9 Black Stones, I'm not currently using any of them. I find that the Harmonizers, on their own, sound most natural with my speakers and room.
    • Room Treatment: Stein Music E-Pads
    on the windows
    • Record and stylus treatment: Stein Music DE3 LP Conditioner
    just when you thought vinyl couldn't sound any better...
    • Record and stylus treatment: Keith Monks, The Archivist. etc.

    Stylus cleaning: Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. 

    LP cleaning: Compressed air machine or the Nagaoka CL-1000 Rolling Record Cleaner.  

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love your set up and interested in your experience using low wattage Thomas Mayer. I only own a power amp and no preamp.  I'm using a Slagle passive.  Is the 10y pre amp a absolute must? in your experience?  I know most people run an active pre but curious if you have an opinion.