I’ve been a single ended with Horn speakers for quite sometime, here is yours Truly Triode’s Odeon Horn Speakers.  NAF parallel single ended 845 mono blocks amp & Triode Lab 2a3 parallel mono blocks.  Preamp is a CAT mk3 & Atmasphere mp1 mk3.3 Silver Reference Limited Edition tube preamp.   Front end is a redbook fully tube cd player by Dynastation mk5, dc Hawker Armasafe Plus AGM battery with Odyssey AGM for dc separate power supply.  Reference Forsell mk2, Air platter and tonearm.  Clamp is a Goldmund Reference.   The cart is a Jan Allaerts Mc-2 Gold, Koetsu Onyx Blue Lace and Lyra Atlas SL Lambda Mc.  All using nbs mk3 s power cables, speaker cables, Argento Master Flow and Siltech Triple Crown.

Room Details

Dimensions: 23’ × 15’  Large
Ceiling: 12’

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    • New Audio Frontiers Reference Silver SE
    Naf triode mono blocks amp.  845 output tubes 50watts per channel.  Each mono block weighting in around 245lbs.  massive transformers!
    • Covergent Audio CAT Tube preamp Signature sl-1 mk3 with Duelund cast coupling caps
    A classic legend CAT tube preamp
    • Dynastation Dynavox mk5 with power supply Reedbook tube cd player running on dc power supply
    Fully tube cd player, triode output tubes type 30, 596 rectifier tube.  Has Duelund cast output coupling caps.  Custom power supply with CLC choke base.  The unit runs on dc car battery as power supply.
    • Odeon Horn Speakers Ultimate #30 Fostex Supertweeter Magnesium Diaphragm/double Alnico Magnetic
    Odeon German Horn speakers.  Fully three way with individuals crossovers, speakers can be run in a tri amps, bi amps or single amp.  Bass module are horn slotted with a 12 inches drivers.  Cabinet are 1.25 inches all around, Baltic Birch plywood.
    • NBS Audio Cables 3 s series
    I am using all nbs cables.  Power cords are nbs 1 & 2.  Speaker cables are 3 s
    • Forsell Reference 2 Reference 2 Air Tangent Turntable
    Air bearing and air platter. Goldmund clamp, Cartridge is from Lyra Atlas SL Low Mc .25mv.   Very dynamic and transient turntable.
    • Atmasphere Mp1 mk3.3 Reference Silver Limited Edition Preamp Mp1 mk3.3
    Tube preamp w/power supply built with phono stage.  This is a Reference Limited Edition V-cal silver, fully Kaisei AN electrolytic power supply.
    • Triode Lab 2a3 RSR Limited RSR Edition parallel mono block. Pure single ended designs at 6 watts per channel
    2a3 pure magic of single ended. All Hashimoto trannies, double choke for the best Filtration from the power supply.   Parallel single ended 6 watts per amp!
    • Lyra Atlas SL Low Mc Low MC
    Lyra Atlas SL version .25mv very dynamic and transient cartridge
    • V-cap Silver, Duelund Cu/Ag & Cast Duelund
    Duelund Cast & Cu/Ag series for the speakers
    • Goldmund Reference Clamp
    Brass Goldmund Clamp Reference series
    • RCA 2a3 Single Plate Single Plate
    Rca Single Plate one of the best single ended output tubes
    • AudioNote Electrolytic Kasei Non Polar Electrolytic
    Using Kaisei Electrolytic for the preamp power supplly.
    • Jensen Electrolytic 4 Poles 4 poles Designs
    Jensen 4 poles, one of the best electrolytic use in my cd player power supply.
    • Skyline Diffuser Pine woods custom 48x83 diffuser
    Custom designs Pine woods with Russian Birch 48x83
    • Odyssey Battery By Enersy AGM 12v 75ah
    Using 4 full size 12v 75ah battery with a custom Dc-Dc battery power supply running the cd player.
    • Koetsu Onyx Blue Lace Blue Lace
    .30mv, silver plated wires with Platinum magnet.  A very musical cartridge!’
    • Hawker Armasafe Plus Lead acid battery
    Power supply to the cd player.  The Hawker Armasafe plus, outstanding lead acid battery

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Ok! I’m a big fan of SET amps (mine are Triode Lab 45) with horn high impedance speakers but I’m curious to try the OTL Atmasphere only in order to have a more direct sound and large bandwidth.


What monos you prefer : NAF 845 or the Triode Lab 2A3 and why? Did you try Atmasphere monos also?