System Goals: Versatility/flexibility in listening sources for general listening pleasure. 

System Strengths: Vintage tubes worth every penny; Custom-made Power Cords also worth the extra expense; Superb stereo imaging; Dedicated listening room a definite plus. 

System Weaknesses: Weak link is pre-amp...Anthem power-amp is an excellent fit; recently added Satterberg subs to get full dynamic range; now considering tubed pre-amp and phono pre-amp. 

Tweaks: Replaced internal wiring to speaker crossovers. Custom-made Chris Venhaus power cords are 'da bomb'. 

Room Comments/Treatments: Ongoing evaluation of placement of speakers for best stereo imaging...LS3/5a speakers placed approx. 6 ft. apart face forward and toe-in slightly, positioned 3 ft. from side walls and at least 4 ft. down the room...listener positioned approx. 5-6 ft. in front of speakers in the nearfield, giving extraordinary 3-D sound stage. 

Speaker Cables/Interconnects: Monster Cable/Interlink 500 interconnects throughout, with Audioquest Digital Two for DAC interconnect; Zu Cable Julian 8' Speaker Cable. 


Room Details

Dimensions: 14’ × 14’  Medium
Ceiling: 7’

Components Toggle details

    • PS Audio Pre-amp 4.6, with PS Audio M-250 external power supply

    Pre-amp and power supply purchased new in 1989 from Andy Singer at Sound by Singer. Note: pre-amp is usually operated in passive 'straightwire' mode 99.9% of the time to by-pass internal line amp. 

    • Anthem Amp-2 SE

    Hybrid tube power amplifier, purchased new in 2002 from Kevin Deal at Upscale Audio; tube input stage - Siemens E188CC (c 1962); Class A driver stage and AB output. Rated at 200 W/Ch into 8 ohms.

    • Chartwell LS3/5a

    Vintage BBC mini-monitors; Serial No. 3883/3884, purchased slightly used in 1978. 15 ohm, mounted on 24 in. stands.  Sensitivity is 83 db for 1W @ 1M. 

    • Satterberg MW-2 Subwoofers

    Acquired second-hand in 2006. 

    • Ah! Njoe Tjoeb 4000

    CD Player/DAC placed into service in 2007, the Ah! Njoe Tjoeb 4000 was purchased from Kevin Deal at Upscale Audio. Tube DAC uses an Ediswan 6922/CV5358/CV2492, and contains the following upgraded components: AH! TjoUpsampler 24/192 Upsampling Board, Tjoeb Shoes, Ah! AC Direkt Power Cord and AH! AS Direkt KB8 RCA interconnects. 

    • Denon DP 30-L

    Denon Direct Drive Turntable, with Grado 'Gold' F-9 MM Cartridge. 

    • Adcom GFT-555 FM Tuner

    Tuner purchased second-hand on Audiogon in 2002. Connected to a Radio Shack Six Element Triple Drive Antenna mounted in attic. 

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Ah and no room is complete without the King Crimson


Look at all that lovely gear! Very impressed.


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