It’s all about execution, attention to details an imagination.

Room is 19 w X 32 L x 10.6 ft ceiling .

Speaker are 8,2 ft into the room and 5,4 ft from the nearest sidewall, 8.ft from tweeter to tweeter. All measurements are from the drivers cone or front baffle to rear wall. One in speaker rake is all I can achieve currently and even that helped tremendously. Bob Robbins of My speaker set up ( Sumiko Master set up specialist) recommended shorter stands and raking the speakers which helped more then one can imagine. 

I have been experimenting with different speaker placements using Sumiko Master & Cardas room set up and have pretty much been dialing in the cardas method at this time with minute adjustments. Speaker placement is the most under rated component in a system and I have spent alot of hours to get the most out of what I have and feel for the components that I have the SQ level is extremely high.

Room Details

Dimensions: 32’ × 19’  X large
Ceiling: 10’

Components Toggle details

    • Optical router,TP- Link 220 FMC, W4S PS 1
    The 3 key ingredients for taking ones system from good to great is execution, attention to detail, imagination.
    • Melco N1ZH 60
    The ethernet is completely isolated from the Melco, the router is powered from the W4S LP1 which is has the outstanding Furutech SP 55N PC ( both W4S LPS are powered by the SP55N with NCF plugs )with Furutech Rhodium NCF plugs and is also grounded. The router feeds the switch through AudioQuest Diamond  Ethernet cable, AQ Diamond to FMC which is also powered by the W4S LPS, the 2nd FMC attached to the SolidSteel stand is powered from a second W4S LPS, AQ Diamond connected to the Aqcox Switch powered by the W4S LPS, AQ Diamond feeding the Melco. AQ Diamond connects the Melco to Arye QX 5.

    • Arye QX 5 Twenty Dac
    I tried to isolate the QX 5 as much has possible with the dac sitting on Neoflex M footers which rest on a Symposium Segue ISO shelf which is supported by more Neoflex  footers.
    • Accuphase A65
    Accuphase Class A, 65 watts with Furutech FI 09 NCF IEC
    • Dynaudio Special 25
    With upgraded X over, Duelund 12g tinned copper from binding post to crossover. Crossover to drivers.
    Duelund Silver Foil 2.0 on the tweeter and 3.0 for the woofer
    Duelund Silver Foil Bypass cap and CUTF on the tweeter
    Mundorf MKP and Obligator Gold for the remaining caps.

    Dynaudio Stand 6, had a larger top plate made to give better support of the S25,s along with adding Alto Extreme Classic feet for the speakers to rest on.Replaced the small spikes on the stand with Takaudio feet.

    Digital components have there own 20 amp dedicated circuit using Acoustic Revive EE 2.6 solid core copper ( 10 G) in wall wire to Furutech GTX R NCF outlet, Furutech wall cover and 105 NCF cover.

    Both the amp and preamp have there own seperate 20 amp dedicated line using 8 gauge solid core copper to Furutech GTX R NCF outlet, wall plate and 105 NCF cover.

    Previously I had standard 10 gauge stranded wire, while this was ok the above changes in the dedicated lines especially the 8 gauge solid core to amp and preamp made SIGNIFICANT improvements in focus, authority, soundstage and ease of presentation to the music. To be clear, both the amp and preamp have there OWN separate 8 gauge solid core wiring and outlets. This made an incredible audible improvement for $100.00 US dollars. The Acoustic Revive EE 2.6 wire was significantly more ( $100.00 a meter) but I wanted digital and analog components on different circuits.

    I cant recommend highly enough for anyone to upgrade from standard 10 gauge stranded wire to 8 gauge solid core copper for your analog gear. 
    • High End Novum PMR Premium Mk.II

    Room Acoustics Resonator Extraordinaire

    3 Bybee IQSE on the electrical panel.

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Love the system. I used to have a pair of Special 25's, I actually was able to purchase the pair tested in Stereophile magazine some years ago, I traded them in on a pair of Verity Parsifal Encores many years ago, but still have fond memories of hours long listening sessions. Lets see, if I still had them I would still have 10 years left on the warranty. An excellent speaker. I also like the isolation you have done on them, I bet they sound great.