I was a well-heeled, gimlet-eared audioholic a dozen years ago, and the electronics are left over from those days. From 2007 to 2018 I listened to nothing but computer audio (don't ask) while these pieces sat in the basement. A week ago I realized that with my last wife gone, the house belonged to me. So I hauled the pieces upstairs and put the system back together.

I'm pretty sure the system sounds better than it did in 2007. Or maybe I've changed...

Room Details

Dimensions: 26’ × 11’  Medium
Ceiling: 8’

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    • Rega Apollo CD Player
    Used as a digital transport via coaxial SPDIF out
    • Audio Note (UK) DAC 4.1x Balanced Signature
    What is there to say? It's not a DAC 5?
    • Audion Silver Night MKII PX25 Signature Amplifier
    Solid silver wiring including all transformers, silver inputs and binding posts, Black Gate caps everywhere, Vishays in the stepped pot.
    • Fab Audio Model 1 Speakers
    Custom maple finish. These things are beasts in my system, regardless of the shade that Six Moons threw on them.
    • TG Audio HSR Digital Cable
    By the late, great Bob Crump. From the Rega CD deck to the Audio Note DAC.
    • Cardas Audio Golden Reference Interconnects
    From the DAC to the amp.
    • Argent Audio Pursang S Speaker Cables
    By Ric Cummings. Runs to the low-frequency driver of the Fabs.
    • Cardas Audio Crosslink speaker cables
    From the Audion PX25 amp to the tweeters of the Fab Model 1.
    • Rix Rax Sonata
    An aesthetic triumph of a stand, in my opinion.
    • Tom Evans Audio Design Vibe
    When you have high end components left over from a previous life, you never know what role they will play in a new system. Here a TEAD Vibe/Pulse is acting just as a volume control for the subwoofer. I don't need it for the main amplification path, because the Audion amplifier has a top-quality stepped attenuator (a Vishay resistor ladder) built in. It's overkill for sure, but it was available and serves the purpose.
    • Velodyne Impact 12
    A basic sub to fill out the bottom end of the Fab Model 1

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Love the table you have for your equipment. What is it, and where can I find one?


Congratulation's on your sobriety & your system. I also fought the gimlet devil many years ago.


Simply, beautiful!


Beautiful, minimal system. I have been thinking on creating a very similar bare-bones approach. Sometimes simple is better.


The speakers are Canadian. and were made for only a short time. The company succumbed to a poor debut review in sixmoons. with their 97 db sensitivity they seem to be a sublime match with PX25 amps. I heard them first on an Audion Silver Night Mk I with those tubes, and a friend of mine had a pair running on an Art Audio PX25 amp. All sublime.


@gliderguider welcome back! And what a fantastic system! I have an AN DAC-3 Sig and your DAC-4 Balanced is making my mouth water. I've always been curious about Audion amps but can't say I know of your speakers at all. Glad you're back listening to it though and thanks for sharing!


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