Very satisfying and musical sound with excellent clarity. The Mystere amp has plenty of detail and dynamics with a tight bass for a tube amp.

The combination of a large room, 87db speaker efficiency and a 40 watt tube amp means it can't play loud for movies. I hope to change to high-efficency speakers.

Room Details

Dimensions: 22’ × 18’  Large
Ceiling: 9’

Components Toggle details

    • Mystere IA-11
    High quality 40 wpc integrated tube amp, designed by the PrimaLuna people.
    • Yamaha BD-S677
    Good sounding universal Blu-Ray, SACD, CD player
    • Rotel RT-940ax
    '90's FM/AM tuner
    • Paragon Radiant /Seas Froy mk3
    Paragon Radiant transmission-line speaker cabinets upgraded w/ Seas Froy Mk3 kit from Madisound, utilizing Excel magnesium drivers and fabric dome tweeters
    • FiiO D-3
    Essential optical DAC for analogue playback from the new breed of HDTVs w/o analogue outputs.

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