This is the 7th overhaul of my stereo dating back to 1987 that was made up of Yamaha receiver, Yamaha Cd and Cassette, two little speakers I've never before. Lucky #7 is the latest and greatest of them all. 

The Piegas are an extraordinary ribbon speaker from Switzerland. Rock, jazz, classical, whatever your taste is, the Piegas will deliver every time with astonishing clarity, depth and wonder. Big fatty McIntosh Mc402 is pushing them., the C2200 is sorting it all out.  I'm going to get a second 402 and run them mono. 

This will be the first time any of my stereo systems has had vinyl. Proud to be listening to a SL Technics 1200 GR turntable with a Lehmanns Black Cube II phono preamp. I never owned a record till name excluding the "Skeletons from the Closet" Lp I bought at a garage sale when I was 10 and listened to every night for a year. Casey Jones is drivin his train high on cocaine sampled each night into my psyche, it was a beautiful thing...

Fast forward to 2018. Vinyl I enjoy the most but the Mac Mini streaming is efficient without any medium prep. Input Mini and I've got access to millions of wonderful songs by through the Tidal HiFi catalog. I've got the Mini running through a little Scott Nixon Tube Dac. Digital sounds fantastic, so easy to access, yet I still enjoy the sound of my Vinyl hands down...

Cables are from Audience, Shunyata and Wireworld. Need to upgrade to stand and treat back wall. Pretty much good to go for now. 

As I type this, I'm listening to Dusty Springfield "Dusty in Memphis" on Vinyl from the dining room and it sounds glorious. What a great work space, dining, etc for listening to music. The sweet spot isn't the only great spot for tuning in. 

Movies with Oppo 103BD cap it all off. The Anthem 520 MRX arc's the room and integrates the Piega Sub. Movie nitles are more exciting than ever! Abe Lincoln Vampire Slayer with some friends later on should be interesting :)

That's it folks. Lucky #7 

Room Details

Dimensions: 20’ × 15’  Medium
Ceiling: N/A

Components Toggle details

    • Technics SL 1200 Technics GR turntable
    My first turntable, ever! Not sure what to say. I love it! Carts include the MoFi Master Tracker and the Vasari Gold Note.
    • Scott Nixon Tube Dac
    For the Mac Mini
    • Shunyata Research Power chords
    • Audience Power chords and interconnects
    • Anthem MRX 520 receiver
    Great for movies and provides amazing room correction.
    • Apple Mac Mini
    Streaming Tidal HiFi. Digital never sounded so good...
    • McIntosh Mc402 amp
    Big and beautiful. Going to add another and run them mono. The Piegas are power pigs!
    • Piega C10 LTDS Aluminium cast, kick ass speakers...
    Piega C10 LTDS have been with me now for 15 years, half of those years in storage waiting for their day to be reborn. Now arc'd with the Anthem MRX 520 and mated with a Technics TT and Mac Mini streaming HiFi, they sound better than ever. Next step is to add a few room treatments.
    • McIntosh C 2200 tube preamp
    Sweet tubie goodness...
    • Audio-Technica Cartridge
    Current carts are:

    Audio-Technica ML 180 OCC, 170 OCC, Stanton WOS 100, Grace F9e, MoFi Master Tracker

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Using the Anthem only for 2.1 HT with the Mac for power. Otherwise, I run the MC402 with the C2200 for 2 channel. 


Those are definitely some serious looking speakers.
I only see stereo speakers. Are you using your Anthem as a preamp for the big Mac and running 2 channel?


Very nicely done! Obvious commitment to your hobby! 

Allow me, as someone who has traveled the same road in digital source, to make a suggestion. You are not getting anywhere near the capacity of the speakers with the Mac Mini. I used one for about a year with enhanced software, but have moved on to different servers. The Mac Mini is a good starting point, but not suitable as a long term audiophile digital source; not if you really want to maximize a rig. 

If you wish to read about my changes, see my articles at on the Salk Audio StreamPlayer 3 and the latest, the SONORE Signature Rendu SE and Small Green Computer sonicTRansporter AP i7 4T. You will absolutely see huge improvements by upgrading the digital source, and power cable to it as well as USB cable. The SONORE/sonicTransporter combo is a stunning digital source, far, far outclassing the Mac Mini. 

The cost to do so is well worth it. I wish you well on your journey. Do not let the deception that the sound cannot get any better dissuade you. There is always much room for change and better enjoyment. 


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