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    • Synology DS414
    NAS, holds all the music, runs mediaserver
    • minimserver
    mediaserver, runs on NAS
    • Sonore microRendu
    renderer from mediaserver to dac
    • Kimber Kable usb-cu
    connects microredu with dac
    • Luxman DA-06
    dac, in with the usb, out via xlr
    • AudioQuest King Cobra
    xlr, connects dac with preamp
    • Aesthetixc Calypso
    • Kimber Kable Hero
    xlr, connects preamp & poweramps
    • Bryston 7B SST2
    two monoblock poweramps
    • Kimber Kable 12TC
    connects monoblock poweramps with speakers
    • PMC PB1i
    Full range speakers

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