Primarily a vinyl system with some CD capability (no streaming, no server, not never).
The ratio of (Value Of Vinyl Collection) divided by (Value of HiFi) is still > 5, so my values are still balanced towards the music, not the gear.
I have some wonderfully weird, rare, obscure and amazing vinyl - and I love it. CD's sound pretty good too through this rig, but I am getting an Audio Note L4 player soon (because it sounds more like vinyl).
I frequently get asked "why no streaming, why no server?" (usually followed by "surely it's so much more convenient?"). While these are well meaning, such statements are muddle-headed.  In these fast-paced days (to which I am ill-suited) we all seem so hell-bent on sacrificing quality at the altar of "convenience". I happen to enjoy the ritual of (a) locating a record, (b) taking it out the sleeve, (c) cleaning it, (d) putting it on the deck, (e) carefully putting the needle in the groove and [finally] (f) enjoying it. [then getting off my big fat arse and turning the record over].
As I see it, the artist [usually] took great care in making the best record possible and then laboring intensely to create beautiful cover art (sometimes stunningly good).
Here's proof: go to and see the full-sized, first UK pressing, fully-opened cover art of "Warrior On The Edge Of Time" by Hawkwind, or "Space Hymns" by Ramases (in a huge and jaw-dropping 6-panel poster sleeve).
Thus, playing a record is like a mini-compact between myself and the artist. They (usually) respect the record buyer and I try to respect their effort in return. Files and streaming breaks this compact so I refuse such "convenience" on moral grounds (this is aside from the fact that most digital sounds harsh and clinical).

Room Details

Dimensions: 22’ × 15’  Medium
Ceiling: 7’

Components Toggle details

    • Raidho Acoustics D4.1
    • Linn Sondek LP12 + Lingo + Valhalla + BooPlinth
    The BooPlinth made a huge difference and tightened up all tempo and timing tremendously.
    • Thales Simplicity II tonearm
    Who'd have thought it? This arm mated with a BooPlinth'd Linn and Lyra is simply a stunning combination and quite simply "a giant killer". Probably need to spend $45000 to get anywhere close to this speed and transparency and separation. The Thales blew away my old SME V, sad to say.
    • Lyra Etna SL
    • Rega RP6
    • Moon by Sim audio Neo CD Transport
    • Moon by Sim audio Phono step-up
    • Aavik Acoustics U-300 integrated amp
    • Ansuz Acoustics D-TC speaker cable
    • Ansuz D-TC power box
    • Ansuz Mainz8 (D-level)
    • Ansuz D-level power cables and interconnects
    • Ansuz Darkz D-TC (various)
    • Wilson Benesch Torus
    • NAD Tuner
    • HiFi Racks Custom rack
    • VPI Industries H-16.5 Record Cleaning Machine

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Lingo & Valhalla. At the time (like 25-30 years ago) Valhalla was not a power supply upgrade exactly but a sub-chassis thing (I think). Then the Lingo followed and that changed the power button and added the power supply. I MAY be wrong (it was an age ago) but Valhalla upgrade was the first one I did and when I got it back it had NOT changed the power supply. That's what I remember at least.


That JD album is a bootleg on Ozit-Morpheus Records from UK, mainly interviews. Check here:    you can get a copy for $15


Lingo and Valhalla...makes no sense..why would you want, or need, two power supplies? One that is known to be superior to the other...? Please explain.


Yes, Lingo + Vahalla. The Linn LP12 is over 25 years old. It doesn't have Cirkus but doesn't need it with the BooPlinth, which was the best possible upgrade I could have ever done to the deck. Thales was a breeze (if you have a really good technician on hand). I feel Thales + Boo is a truly superb match, timing and coherence is outstanding. I would pitch it against a Kronos any day, seriously. Only the Thales deck may prove competitive.


May i ask what Joy Division album that is?  I thought I had them all but have never seen that cover.



Quick do you have a Lingo power supply and a Valhalla power supply on your LP12??? Also, impressed that you seem to have made the Thales arm work with the old fruit box!


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