Primarily a vinyl system with some CD capability (no streaming, no server, not never).
The ratio of (Value Of Vinyl Collection) divided by (Value of HiFi) is still > 5, so my values are still balanced towards the music, not the gear.
I have some wonderfully weird, rare, obscure and amazing vinyl - and I love it. CD's sound pretty good too through this rig, but I am getting an Audio Note L4 player soon (because it sounds more like vinyl).
I frequently get asked "why no streaming, why no server?" (usually followed by "surely it's so much more convenient?"). While these are well meaning, such statements are muddle-headed.  In these fast-paced days (to which I am ill-suited) we all seem so hell-bent on sacrificing quality at the altar of "convenience". I happen to enjoy the ritual of (a) locating a record, (b) taking it out the sleeve, (c) cleaning it, (d) putting it on the deck, (e) carefully putting the needle in the groove and [finally] (f) enjoying it. [then getting off my big fat arse and turning the record over].
As I see it, the artist [usually] took great care in making the best record possible and then laboring intensely to create beautiful cover art (sometimes stunningly good).
Here's proof: go to and see the full-sized, first UK pressing, fully-opened cover art of "Warrior On The Edge Of Time" by Hawkwind, or "Space Hymns" by Ramases (in a huge and jaw-dropping 6-panel poster sleeve).
Thus, playing a record is like a mini-compact between myself and the artist. They (usually) respect the record buyer and I try to respect their effort in return. Files and streaming breaks this compact so I refuse such "convenience" on moral grounds (this is aside from the fact that most digital sounds harsh and clinical).

Room Details

Dimensions: 22’ × 15’  Medium
Ceiling: 7’

Components Toggle details

    • Raidho Acoustics D4.1
    • Linn Sondek LP12 + Lingo + Valhalla + BooPlinth
    The BooPlinth made a huge difference and tightened up all tempo and timing tremendously.
    • Thales Simplicity II tonearm
    Who'd have thought it? This arm mated with a BooPlinth'd Linn and Lyra is simply a stunning combination and quite simply "a giant killer". Probably need to spend $45000 to get anywhere close to this speed and transparency and separation. The Thales blew away my old SME V, sad to say.
    • Lyra Etna SL
    • Rega RP6
    • Moon by Sim audio Neo CD Transport
    • Moon by Sim audio Phono step-up
    • Aavik Acoustics U-300 integrated amp
    • Ansuz Acoustics D-TC speaker cable
    • Ansuz D-TC power box
    • Ansuz Mainz8 (D-level)
    • Ansuz D-level power cables and interconnects
    • Ansuz Darkz D-TC (various)
    • Wilson Benesch Torus
    • NAD Tuner
    • HiFi Racks Custom rack
    • VPI Industries H-16.5 Record Cleaning Machine

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Dear chronoglidesky, you have one power supply...not two, LOL. You have the Lingo power supply ( presumably that is correct, the power supply sits in another box..right?) You do NOT have the Nirvana and most likely you do not have the Valhalla vs. the Lingo. I am sure that the Booplinth is a very nice upgrade. Just FYI, the Linn protocol for upgrades is from the inside of the table..out. Therefore, the Cirkus is first, then the sub chassis--- Kore or Keel, then the power supply/motor...Valhalla to Lingo 3 or the new 4, then the Radikal power supply, then the plinth, then the arm then the cartridge. Or something like that....;0)


Dear daveyf, when you say "You've got it wrong" .... you are correct: but at my age this is sort-of normal. It was ages ago :-)
Yes, I do have LINGO (100% sure) and (by process of elimination) I must have Nirvana (this was the first ever upgrade) .... but these silly names get all confusing. Both were done ages ago. But the BooPlinth took this dear old shoe box to a new level. I recommend it very highly. This and Thales allow my little Lyra to sing it's little heart out. What a great combo ... if I say so myself!


You've got it wrong. The Valhalla power supply upgrade was in place of the standard motor controller at the time...called the....Nirvana!
So, you don't have two power supplies, you have the Lingo. You may have updated the power supply to the Valhalla from the Nirvana..a lot of us did that, then you upgraded the power supply from the Valhalla to the Lingo. You certainly do NOT have both, LOL.


Lingo & Valhalla. At the time (like 25-30 years ago) Valhalla was not a power supply upgrade exactly but a sub-chassis thing (I think). Then the Lingo followed and that changed the power button and added the power supply. I MAY be wrong (it was an age ago) but Valhalla upgrade was the first one I did and when I got it back it had NOT changed the power supply. That's what I remember at least.


That JD album is a bootleg on Ozit-Morpheus Records from UK, mainly interviews. Check here:    you can get a copy for $15


Lingo and Valhalla...makes no sense..why would you want, or need, two power supplies? One that is known to be superior to the other...? Please explain.


Yes, Lingo + Vahalla. The Linn LP12 is over 25 years old. It doesn't have Cirkus but doesn't need it with the BooPlinth, which was the best possible upgrade I could have ever done to the deck. Thales was a breeze (if you have a really good technician on hand). I feel Thales + Boo is a truly superb match, timing and coherence is outstanding. I would pitch it against a Kronos any day, seriously. Only the Thales deck may prove competitive.


May i ask what Joy Division album that is?  I thought I had them all but have never seen that cover.



Quick do you have a Lingo power supply and a Valhalla power supply on your LP12??? Also, impressed that you seem to have made the Thales arm work with the old fruit box!


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