Recently I started a second system for my home office.
This will be the place for late night listening, or to hide from the world and have my private moments of musical enjoyment.
I opted for amplification and source from my friend King Ip - from Hong Kong, owner and designer of Kingko Audio products.
And I paired it with Omega speakers and Hifiman open back headphones.
Everything matches perfectly, the synergies are fantastic!
Soon I will also connect my turntable to this system (an old Spacedeck).

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    • Kingko Audio CD-301
    CD player and DAC. 
    Solid state output as well as tubes output.
    • Omega Speaker Systems Super 7 Monitor MK2
    Full range monitor speakers.
    • Kingko Audio KA-101
    Integrated amplifier. 12W per chanel, class AB using EL84 tubes for power, 12AX7 and 12 AU7 for preamp stage and 5AR4 as rectifier tube.
    From Hong Kong.
    • Hifiman HE560
    Planar magnetic headphones.

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Nice to see Omegas in here.


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