What I use while using my desktop PC. I plan on adding a subwoofer and MAYBE upgrading from the Adam Audio F5's (which is hard to do since they perform so well).

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    • Adam Audio F5
    Active nearfield monitors. Very inexpensive (and I got it at a discount, as well, while I worked at Guitar Center) but very effective. Their only downsides are their relatively low wattage amplifiers, so it can't get that loud, and their bass response, which should be handled by a subwoofer, ideally.
    • N/A Windows Computer
    My source for storing my entire music collection as well as running my preferred media player, Foobar2000. Current music library size is at 1.2 TB.
    • RME Audio HDSPe AIO
    My (expensive) soundcard that I purchased with the intent of getting into music production. Alas, I've basically given up that pursuit, but am using this superb soundcard as my DAC, providing two balanced XLR outs running to my monitors and a headphone out for when I finally purchase a pair of Sennheiser HD650's.

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