After a long time building, swapping, going back on ideas, I finally finished the system I had in my head. 
This will keep me happy...just for a while....

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    • Thorens TD-160
    NOS motor replaced
    Damped the bottom board, motor and shaft
    New custom bottom cover
    Modified power supply to be external plug and play
    Modified external rca jacks
    • Denon 103r
    • Cinemag CM-1254 Step-Up Transformer
    Home made sut. I made this for myself but I usually build 2 per month, usually using
     the 3440ah tansformer and sell them. They are really nice suits.
    • Bottlehead Eros
    • Bottlehead Beepre
    • Bottlehead Stereomour ii
    • H.H. Scott 350 tuner
    • Rega Apollo-R CD Player
    • Schiit Saga
    Currently running x2 6j5 instead the 6sn7. The 6j5s are Fivre Italian NOS tubes.
    • Klipsch Klipschorn
    • Crites CT-120 tweeter
    • Crites A/4500 crossover
    • HH Scott 350 tube tuner

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Excellent system, must sound sweet with the tube amps. In the early 80's I had a pair of Klipschorns with Carver 250 watt amp Carver sonic holography pre amp and B&O turntable Teac cassett deck. I was 20 years old and was into loud music, so loud that i blew the stock Klipsch  fuses so threw in 30 amp car I had the meters pinned at min 100 watts continuous on that Carver amp, talk about a rock concert in your living room lol. for kicks I would crank it up and then see how far away I could hear the music.. 10 blocks away and I could still hear it.  I worked shift and in the day time no neighbors home so I enjoyed my music. At 56 im contemplating getting a pair of Klipschorns and some seriously sweet tube amps... .....