After a long time building, swapping, going back on ideas, I finally finished the system I had in my head. 
This will keep me happy...just for a while....

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    • Thorens TD-160
    NOS motor replaced
    Damped the bottom board, motor and shaft
    New custom bottom cover
    Modified power supply to be external plug and play
    Modified external rca jacks
    • Denon 103r
    • Cinemag CM-1254 Step-Up Transformer
    Home made sut. I made this for myself but I usually build 2 per month, usually using
     the 3440ah tansformer and sell them. They are really nice suits.
    • Bottlehead Eros
    • Bottlehead Beepre
    • Bottlehead Stereomour ii
    • H.H. Scott 350 tuner
    • Rega Apollo-R CD Player
    • Schiit Saga
    Currently running x2 6j5 instead the 6sn7. The 6j5s are Fivre Italian NOS tubes.
    • Klipsch Klipschorn
    • Crites CT-120 tweeter
    • Crites A/4500 crossover
    • HH Scott 350 tube tuner

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Excellent system, must sound sweet with the tube amps. In the early 80's I had a pair of Klipschorns with Carver 250 watt amp Carver sonic holography pre amp and B&O turntable Teac cassett deck. I was 20 years old and was into loud music, so loud that i blew the stock Klipsch  fuses so threw in 30 amp car I had the meters pinned at min 100 watts continuous on that Carver amp, talk about a rock concert in your living room lol. for kicks I would crank it up and then see how far away I could hear the music.. 10 blocks away and I could still hear it.  I worked shift and in the day time no neighbors home so I enjoyed my music. At 56 im contemplating getting a pair of Klipschorns and some seriously sweet tube amps... .....


Hello Alby, I had the pleasure of hearing Klipschorns around 40 years ago, and while I've forgotten many things that've happened in life since then, I haven't forgotten those Klipschorns.

I've built a Transcendent Sounds Grounded Grid preamp (with upgraded output caps, milspec silver hookup wire, Goldpoint  step attenuator and switches, NOS Amperex 12AU7 tubes, and Bent Audio remote volume control), and while I love how it sounds, what I'd really like to try is the BeePre 300B. I have a 300B SET I use to drive my Tannoys, along with the GG preamp, so the 300B sound in a preamp is something I'd really like to try, but the BeePre was a little too rich for my blood.

Great system, you've spent your money where it really counts.

Enjoy, regards,

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Hi there!

Thanks for the words.

Where is your room located? I live in Santa Rosa, Ca! 
I’d love to pass by and spend some time with klipsch owners.




Hello Al.....   I came by today to visit and look at MANY of the audio systems / photos and was saddened to see yours as being the ONLY Klipsch equipped system !   I was happy to see your Klipschorns!!   

I am very active in the Klipsch forums, and hang out during the weekends on 'RIght This Minute'....  You should take a stop by, we have a great group of Klipsch owners on board...

My room (Longfellow Music Hall) is a special room tuned for the Klipshorns.  Simple system....  Dynaco Mark 3's - Dynaco PAS-2 into the KH's....   The speakers are 18' apart center to center, so there is PLENTY of breathing room for them and the seating area is 17' back...   My doors are always open for anyone that would like to come by for a day and spend some time listening...  

Funny you should mention the Crites upgrades.   I JUST sold his tweeters to a forum member and went back to the originals! I really could not hear the difference, don't know why I did the upgrade...

However,   I DO have the Sonos caps on the xovers, but that is the only change...   Had to get rid of the old GE oil filled caps before they leaked out!   These are on the TYPE 'A' units...   Mine were built in 1967 and have the unusual WHITE grill cloth....   

Enjoy the music !


Hi there

The room is 15ft x 24ft ( about 10ft high)
It works very well with the k horn but to be honest I believe if I could have 3 more ft wide and 4 in length I couldn’t ask for better placement. The setup sounds great but I have the feeling that on a wider spacing it could sound even more realistic at decent volume. Do you have any experience in placing khorn?




excellent room!  was curious about the room dimensions and your thoughts on integrating those klipschorns.


Thank you for the comments. It does sound lovely. Especially since I replaced the stock tweeter with the crites 120 together with new crites crossover A/4500. Really nice improvement for not so much dollars.




That is a really nice system. I have a Bottlehead Eros and a Crack with Speedball in one of my systems. I've been fantasizing about building a system with Klipsch LaScala's and BH amps.


That's all you need. Very well done. Must sound lovely.


Talk about room filling sound

A lot of speaker and must sound great

Well done



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