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    • JVC VL-8
    Vintage 1973 - and purchased new by my father in 1973
    • PrimaLuna Dialogue Premium HP Integrated
    Have used KT120, EL34, KT150 and 7581a tubes.  Faves are the 7581 and KT150s.  This is here to stay... unless I hit the lottery and move up to Primaluna separates.
    • Manley Chinook
    Love it!  Running PCC88 Tungsram tubes.   Sounds fantastic!  Here to stay!
    • Revel Performa3 F208

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Nice system. I just became a proud owner of an AT-ART 9. It has completely changed my perception of my analog front end. I had no idea my analog system was as good as it sounds now.

It's a hell of a good cartridge. Congratulations,


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Nice room and setup.


I'm using a Manley Chinook phono stage, and the cart is an AT ART9.  Yes, it's simple, and I've been extremely happy with how it sounds!  Updated photo shows the new Salamander Chameleon I got to better show off the amp, and to even further simplify the look.  So, it's the PL HP integrated, Manley Chinook, JVC VL8, ART9, Revel F208 speakers, and a pair of REL T/9i subs.


Nice system, simple and seems to be well thought out. What speakers are you using and what cart/phono stage?


Friendliest Home Electronics Team around :)


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