This system has been ever evolving for nearly 20 years!  I liked the focals so much I went ahead and moved the 926s to the surround position!  The Scalas are some of the finest speakers I have ever heard...ever!  I've heard and had a lot of speakers in this system over the years, and at this point I'm not sure how I could do much better.

The only items left in the chain that could use some immediate help are the phonostage, amplifier (I need one for the surround speakers and maybe an upgrade for the mains), and cables perhaps...

Would love any ideas on how to maximize the remaining rig!

Room Details

Dimensions: 18’ × 17’  Medium
Ceiling: 8’

Components Toggle details

    • Focal Scala Utopia
    • Classe Model 15
    • Classe CT-SSP
    • MIT Digital
    • Logitech Squeezebox
    Boulder modified, military spec linear power supply and upgraded coaxial output stage with vampire coax connector.
    • Scheu Analog Classic
    • Thorens Phono Preamp
    • JM Labs Electra CC-900
    • JM Labs Electra 926
    • Audio Physic Luna
    Stereo Subwoofers, flat to subsonic
    • MIT MH-750 spk
    • Ortofon Black

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Hello Sir,I have a pair of The Scalas also and enjoy them a lot.The biggest improvement I could recommend would be Stillpoint ultra 5,s under each corner.All you need is a friend to help tip them to the side a little,and they screw right into the pre drilled holes in the bottom.Huge difference in imaging,tightens up bass,just a wonderful improvement across the full audio spectrum.Without question one of the best improvements you can make,I guarantee it.Try it,you will be glad you did.


Nice system.  I also have the Scala.  If you don't mind I am asking,  what do you do tio control the brightness of the Scala?  Is it placement,  or cable?  I tried toe in as well as different cables but it does not seems to help.  Is there a trick that I don't know?  Thanks


I added Focal Sopra No.1's to my system a few months ago after upgrading from the Electras. I can only imagine how great the Scala Utopias sound, like you I think this is the best system I've put together after 44 years of trading in, and improving my system. Focal speakers are the bomb!


Hello Ben

I decided to purchase the Sopras and picked them up Tuesday from my local dealer. They are very nice. Great transparency and speed, 



I have never had the Sopras, though I thought about getting some to try.  I do know that they use a lot of the technology found in the Utopia line, including the tweeter.  I would imagine them to be much like the older Electra line that I loved so much and brought me to the Utopias.  I have never been disappointed in Focal, but without having heard them first hand, I couldn't give you a whole lot of other details.

What I will say is that you shouldn't need to concern yourself too much with the lowest end presentation of the speakers in conjunction with the JL Audio.  I would think that a crossover somewhere in the 60Hz range should support these speakers and sub nearly perfectly!

Nice system and setup by the way!  Let me know if you ever get your hands on the Focals and what you think!



Do you have an opinion on the Focal Sopra No.1 monitors?

I am torn between them and a set of Joseph Audio Pulsars. I am concerned about the limited bass supposedly out of the Focal Sopras, but my room is small (11 x 15, 9 foot ceiling), and I will be matching it up with a JL Audio Fathom f113 subwoofer. 


New three channel amp on the way!  Excited to get the Proceed HPA-3 in place to finally watch a movie or something ;)


Hey Jeff!

Those are the protective padding on the speaker plinth.  Still experimenting with placement, though I believe I'm close at this point!  

Can't wait to fill in a few of the "gaps"

Mike, I TOTALLY agree!  I've seen your products, and they are beautiful...and one of the gaps that'll be filled at some point 😉



What are the "blue things" on bottom of speakers?
Lovely combination of components



Gorgeous speakers and sound sublime. Great choice in gear.

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Nice system love your speakers, the biggest thing that alot of people do is neglect their stand, the stand should be considered a very important component, the best material to use for a stand is hardwood, and construction of the stand is also important. I build hand made custom walnut and maple audio stands, i sell on audiogon, i also have a gallery page listed under mdegeorgis's system. just scroll down im just a little down the page, you will see a large walnut thorens turntable. Which i made, check my feedback your system will benefit from my racks.You have a nice room that will also benefit from a wood rack these are very easy on the eyes, Mike


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