The current system might be the end of the road, not sure if my hearing will descern any upgrades

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    • Custom Speakers DTQWT-212 mkIII
    Custom speakers designed by Troels Graveson and built myself.
    • Counterpoint NPS-200
    Hybrid amplifier
    • Modwright OPPO BDP-83
    Modwright modfied OPPO BDP-83
    • Klyne Audio Arts 7PX-3.5
    Klyne phonostage
    • VPI Industries Aries 2
    Aries 2 turntable with JMW 10.5 arm
    Dynavector 17DII and ZYX R-100 cartridges
    • SAC Thailand Glowmaster KT-88
    Stereo KT-88 amplifier from SAC producing 60 watts.
    • Counterpoint SA-5000 modified/upgraded
    Counterpoint SA-5000 upgraded with Alta Vista modifications.

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Hello John? I'm assuming it is, as I've never seen this particular line-up before. Thanks for posting. Very nice looking system, your speaker build turned out great. 

I've always lusted after a Klyne phono stage, but I got a good buy on the Modwright  SWP 9.0 SE  phono stage, which I installed a Modwright-supplied upgraded power supply on. 

Not much to do with or to the system these days, just listen to it. 

I'm fine with that. Regards,


Very impressive system. I most intrigued by those big, beautiful speakers. You did a wonderful job crafting them.


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