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Dimensions: 32’ × 22’  X large
Ceiling: 9’

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    • ATC scm300A
    Front L&R active scm300 towers, C active scm300 horizontal
    • ATC scm.1/15
    subwoofers x 3
    • ATC scm50A
    side and rear surrounds scm50 actives
    • Innous Zenith se
    Music server
    • EmmLabs Tsdx/Dac2x v2
    cd/sacd transport/dac
    • Ayre KXR20
    Stereo preamp
    • Bryston SP3
    7.1 av processor
    • DynamiqueAudio Zenith mk2
    analogue interconnects
    • Audioquest Diamond
    HDMI & usb digital interconnects
    • Epsom Ls10000
    Digital laser projector
    • Vutec Video screen
    12’ diagonal 16x9 unity gain screen, motorised with adjustable horizontal masking screen
    • Grand Prix Audio Monaco
    Carbon fibre/aluminium component racks x3

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I have the first and only pair of EL150ASL with the new ATC tweeter with matching aluminium faceplate to the midrange and woofer. You can check out my system on Audiogon here 

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I have had Vifa, Excel Millenium and now ATC’s own tweeter in various ATC over the years. The ATC tweeter is the best by far. It just integrates so well and doesn’t sound like a tweeter at all. In fact there is no sound to it at all - completely transparent. Every other three way speaker I have heard has audible driver integration issues where certain sounds or tracks, dynamics or loudness level make you aware you are listening to three drivers. ATC eliminated this for the bass and mid range integration but there was still a very small discernible tweeter sound with the older designs. This difference is completely gone now. You won’t want to go back even though the Excel Millenium is the best OEM tweeter on the market!!!

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Thanks for your response. I have been using ATC since 1994! So that is 24 years. I have had their 20, 100A, C6, C6CA and recently the EL150A. I have always wanted to pair ATC with EMMLAB equipment. Ironic since Ed Meitner works ten minutes from my house! For some reason it just never happened, as I found Benchmark DACs to be such a pleasing match to my ears. As always, I am interested in others experiences and what you have tried and what you found to work best?

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Welcome to Audiogon. I am sure I have seen your setup before somewhere. It is unbelievably awesome and to die for. Did Ben or Bob or both help set this up for you? And this may be a stretch but do you own a full size Predator  (the alien in the movie) that helps ensure nobody  would steel any of your fine gear? And have you pulled any teeth lately ;-)

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Nice setup!  Is that a custom 300 centre too? Do you have the new tweeter upgrade?

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